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Did he know that every time he snorted like that she wanted to elbow him in the ribs? He probably didn't but this is what she wanted to do to him. "Okay, so the almighty Connor never gets sick." She flashed him a quick smirk. "No one likes everything." So clearly there were things she herself disliked from time to time. Addison blinked at him. He was good in Runes...of course he was. SIGH. "Would you help me sometime.. if you have the time to?" she suddenly blurted out before she had the chance to realize what she was asking.

What? If she could help him in Charms then it was only fair that he helped her in Runes.

"I will be AND you'll see that me and my niceness will come out on top." Addi smiled sweetly walking alongside him. "I'd rather be fearless then a cowardly lion." Even if that lion from the muggle movie was completely adorbs. Taking a quick glance around she nodded once in agreement. "This spot is fine." With that she set her container of fruits down before settling in the grass near him.

Blue eyes drifted from Connor to the Willow and back again. "Alright so lets begin. We can start off with the Summoning charm since it's the one you mentioned... show me how you cast it?" Might as well get right down to it.

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