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She couldn't help that she was generally a happy person and it showed in her warm bright smile. She watched him pile all that beef onto the plate and for a moment sat there wondering how one young boy could eat so much meat without getting himself sick. "That's fine by me but don't go getting a stomach ache." She didn't want to deal with a sick Connor... a happy content Connor could be trouble enough... how in the world would he act should he not feel well? Addi giggled. "So I like fruits and veggies. I like meat too.. like steak and chicken and porkchops." See she liked a variety of foods.

"Mhmm. Even if I did have to go all the way back up to my common room I wouldn't make you come with me," she stated simply shrugging her shoulders. He was a big boy and capable of going outside and waiting for her had he not wanted to take the walk. However there wasn't any need in any of that since she didn't need her books. "Perfect." With a sweet smile she headed out the Great Hall doors and for the main entrance holding the doors open for him since he was carrying more than she was.

"Still okay with practicing by the Whomping Willow?"

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