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Sapphire had the shiny knut clasped tightly in her little paws, and prooobably would have put it in her belly pouch by now, 'cept that Emmeline had the other end of the string tied tightly around her own hand. So that Sapphire could hold and play with the knut without keeping it, you know? Emmeline was definitely going to give it to the baby niffler whenever she had to leave the nursery, but for now it kept the baby all happy and busy with something shiny. She watched as Sapphire turned the knut allll around and sniffed it with her nose and made cute little snuffling noises. The Gryffindor was totally determined to keep taking care of this baby alllll term, even if it wasn't an assignment or required, and then maybe--

No, she didn't want to get her hopes up that high. Especially since she felt like Sapphire already held a tiiiny bit of her heart in her paws, just like she did the shiny knut. Emmeline was just thinking about setting the baby back down when she heard someone whisper "nifflers" behind her. The second year whirled around just in time to see a blonde girl running all around the barn; she grinned and held Sapphire close to her shoulder, making sure she had a SUPER good grip on the baby niffler, before she moved to open the enclosure with one hand and slip out.

Sapphire was TINY, so this really wasn't that hard. Plus, the baby was still all interested in the knut, so she didn't protest as Emmeline gently carried her after the other girl -- just in time to see the girl run into Derf and Picketta! A huuuuge smile split Emmeline's face as she approached them and said: "Hiii Derf! Hi Picketta!" The baby bowtruckle perched on Derf's shoulder was soo cute! She'd seen Picketta before, but never on her friend's shoulder. She shot Derf another smile 'cause he'd obviously successfully become Picketta's home tree, before she turned to the Hufflepuff girl standing nearby too and went on, "Hiii! What's your name? I'm Emmeline, and this is Sapphire." Just so she (and Derf) knew the baby's name too.
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