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Connor sneakily and slyly snuck glances at Addison. She was also weird, he decided. She was eating potatoes, gravy and fruit? What if she puked? All he knew was that he would be keeping an eye on her and then getting out of the way as fast as he could if she started retching.

A trip to the Whomping Willow seemed like a plan to him. He was also going to make sure he stayed away from the tree. It was a fascinating one but he wasn't stupid to go causing trouble that could physically hurt him. "We can take some food with us too. In case we get hungry.'' Con was a growing boy and needed lots of food. "None in particular. It's just... most of my Charms skills are weak and I dunno why.'' The Snake had lowered his voice, not wanting his Housemates to overhear him. "Can we start with the Summoning Charm?''
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