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Hey Guys, I'm back and trying to pick up the pieces after our sudden trip to Ohio. From Florida to my Father-In-Laws house is about twelve hundred miles. It was a rough trip especially because we didn't make it up in time to say goodbye. Needless to say getting back home is wonderful, but it has been hard on me trying to get back to the swing of things. I didn't mean to neglect you, I just couldn't try to feel chipper as if nothing happened. So, here is the next chapter; quite a bit longer than the last one. Hope you like it, and I will try to be punctual with posting new chapters from here on out.

Chapter 3
One Of These Things Is Not Like The Other

Harry heard Jack in a pleading voice saying there has to be something that can help Colonial Sheppard. Harry stirred and started to get up but soft hands and a quiet voice held him gently from moving. “Harry, you’re at Stargate command. You brought John here twelve hours ago. You are both in critical condition and the doctor doesn’t think either one of you will live. But he doesn’t know you like we do. Is there anything you can tell us that will help us patch you two up?”

“Sam? I can hardly hear you.”

He felt his head bandage being adjusted and then he could hear much clearer than when he left England. It seemed like that was ages ago. “Thanks,” he said weakly. “What’s wrong with John? I could hear them talking softly. The doctor said John and I are both dying.”

Sam nodded her head, “Yeah, we can’t figure out what is wrong; you’re both just not getting better.”

Harry said, “But I am getting better; I can feel it. Help me up so I can talk with the doctor. Is Dr. Beckett not here?”

Just then Carson walked briskly into the room. “What is going on here; who are my patients and what is-” silence overtook him when he saw Harry getting up with Sam’s help and then saw John in the next bed.”

“Hold on now, Lad, what do you think you’re doing? You best get back in bed this instant.”

Harry couldn’t help but smile at his Scottish doctor friend and held out his hand to him. “Carson, it’s so good to see you. We can save John, you, me and Sam. But, I need to see him.”

Jack stepped over to Harry and took him by the elbow and helped balance him as he stepped over to John’s bed. He looked at his friend and an overwhelming urge to cry came over him. He cleared his throat and swallowed hard. The urge to cry left him which he was more than a little happy about and he put his finger tips over John’s forehead and temple. He stood that way for ten minutes as still as a statue and finally he took his hands away and turned back to his bed. Jack helped him get in and Sam covered him noticing he was trembling rather hard. After several minutes of trying to calm down he spoke with his throat constricted.

“I need to see a sample of his blood.” He turned his face away from the group and wiped his moist eyes. When the attending doctor brought over a report of what he found to be John’s blood type and basic DNA structure Harry said, “I mean I need to see a sample of his blood.”

The doctor said, “I’m sure you don’t have an iota of knowledge-”

Harry calmly asked what the doctor’s security clearance was and the doctor, taken aback at Harry’s commanding voice answered, “A tad bit higher than yours I think. As a matter of fact, I don’t even know what you, being a common civilian, are doing here.”

“You obviously don’t have high enough security clearance to be in the same room as me, so if you’ll leave, we can find out what is wrong with John.”

The doctor held his ground and Harry nodded his head at two MP’s and they came forward. “Escort the doctor out please.”

“Yes sir,” they both reported and took the startled man out.

Carson smiled at Jack and said, “Doesn’t Dr. Beeman have high enough clearance to see Harry?”

Jack smiled and said, “Yes, but we won’t correct Harry since he is finding answers I’ve been trying to get for the past twelve hours.”

Harry grinned and then looked seriously through the microscope. He stood up feeling like he was going to be sick and tapped the instrument with his wand. The image of John’s blood was projected onto the wall and Harry drank a sip of water he summoned; dizziness was something he could never get used to.

“Sam; break this down into subatomic particles please, and then, Carson, see if it matches with the molecular structure of his DNA from the buffer storage in the DHD crystal.”

Sam said, “Harry, that’s brilliant, but that would take too long. The infinite divisions-”

“No, Sam, you’re thinking too complex. You’re not looking for a continuum. Think of a Soma cube. If you compare his blood with what is stored in the buffer, you will see in that confined cube an element that doesn’t match even though it is the same blood.”

Sam deep in thought nodded her head and then went to work on a dry erase board. Harry watched and suddenly said stop, I already see an occurring element that is missing consistently in every variable. I think I know what it is.”

Harry picked up a scalpel and sliced into his finger and allowed a drop of blood to fall on a slide and stuck it under the microscope. They looked at the wall where they could view his blood elements.

“Now do the same thing to my blood.”

Sam nodded her head and began working and then stopped at the same time Harry quietly whispered, “There it is. Dr. Carson, can you identify what we are seeing?”

The doctor nodded his head and said, “This element in John’s blood is missing. It is what is killing him. But why didn’t the buffer identify it and sort him out?”

“It can’t identify it because it isn’t in his blood. They removed that element, so the DHD crystal didn’t have any data base to reference from. If you allowed the DHD to continue it would do exactly what Sam said when I asked her to break down the elements. If you continue to divide and break down its infinite structure it would eventually divide down to nothing. It would say that John doesn’t exist.”

Carson sighed and said, “Then Dr. Beeman is right, John will die since we don’t know what is missing from his DNA.”

“But we do know. You saw it, Sam. Where you stopped, that is what is missing from John’s blood.”

“But, Harry, that is your blood; it would be different because you are not related and don’t carry the same genes except for the Ancient gene that John has.”

Harry smiled, “You are forgetting that John and I are brothers in the since that Zeus is his natural father and I have the gene given to me by Zeus. Sam, you need to identify the element and add it to John’s molecular coding in the DHD crystal. When you do this the buffer will automatically recognize him again; and it’ll be able to sort him out properly from now on.”

“But, it won’t do any good if we don’t get that element back in his blood right now, because he is as near death as he can be. He will be dead in minutes. And we don’t have time to wait for Sam to do the thing with the DHD crystal and then pass John through it. He just doesn’t have enough time for that.”

Harry told him to transfer some of his blood to John. He held out his arm and Dr. Carson looked at him stunned. “No, Lad. I want to save John as much as everyone else, but you don’t have enough blood to keep yourself alive. You can’t spare any to give him.”

Harry tapped his arm and said a spell and blood began going from Harry into John through a tube. Harry said another spell and closed his eyes; and just before he passed out he mumbled, “Just a pint will do, Carson; magic will do the rest.” Carson watched carefully the transfer of blood and took the needle out of Harry’s arm after the pint was given.
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