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Default Quodpot Field

The Quodpot stadium is located just down the sheer cliff face from the castle. A stadium built around can seat every student and alumni that attends the matches and keep them safe from any exploding quods. The pitch itself has artificial turf so it stays green all year round. The starting circle is clearly marked on the left side of the pitch and the scoring cauldron is on the right. Locker rooms are located on the far side of the pitch for house teams to change and store their unexploded quods. Students can enjoy the pitch even if they aren't playing the popular game. When not in use by the house teams any student is welcomed to practice flying, do broom races, or even pull the portable Quidditch hoops out of the shed to play Quidditch.

How Quodpot is played:

Teams are made of eleven players and all players start in the air. The referee for the day will toss the quod into the air and teams work together to catch the quod and get it down the field and into the cauldron filled with a potion before it explodes, the potion will make the quod stay intact. Once the quod is in the cauldron the scoring team earns a point. If the quod explodes before entering the cauldron the person it explodes on has to leave the game.
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