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Conservatory - First Floor

Sitting directly in the back of the castle on the first floor is the large conservatory. As you enter the room you are greeted with the warmth that the room keeps all year round. Looking up you will see the room's ceiling is all glass to allow the sunlight to come directly in. A brick floor leads you to the different sections of the conservatory. The first section consists of mundane plants and herbs. This is where you can research and work with more of the no-maj plants and learn the different herbs you can use for ingredients in potions as well as cooking. A section is designed for students to be able to plant flowers or help with the school's garden. The pukwudgies use many of the vegetables and fruits that are grown in this section for their ingredients in the kitchen. As you continue to move through the conservatory you will find the tamer magical plants and then a seating area for lessons. As you walk in the beauty of the plants of Ilvermorny, you would never know that you are walking in a circle and headed back towards the front of the room. The last section is roped off and charmed to keep all the dangerous plants out and you in, unless you have permission. Caution is needed for these plants and you aren't supposed to cross the rope. Nicely keep following the brick around the area to the front of the room once more to exit the conservatory.
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