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~ Mrs. Steve Harrington ~ It be like that sometimes.

Once there had been no magical ways to fly because broomsticks were vanishing from all over the globe. The wizarding world decided that they needed some help. So, together, they decided that they should hire someone who knew everything about broomsticks. One ancient witch came to talk to the professional broom manufacturer in the country on Slovakia, who agreed that he would help to solve the conundrum of transporting brooms.

To get the important broom, they needed to dance wonderful melodies together, which aroused souls of ancient worlds. The people who were organizing the soiree were Australian Squibs who flew on to the boat. "The place is Boat," spoke one of the boys who had been making a wonderful meal for himself. Now he admitted that there were really only enough food plates for important people. but they were willing to go searching for important brooms.

Suddenly a crazy unicorn zoomed from Wonderland. Rainbows started shooting from his horn and suddenly a huge monster chased the Boat out of the water. A gigantic eagle soared above the sea and devoured an owl, which bursted into flames. The disturbance made them crash into a pile of leaves. This strange occurrence woke the dragon horde and blew away all the other beings.

Meanwhile the Squibs are understandably staring for obvious brooms were in the unicorn's forest but a wizard saw a Tiny and Ferocious niffler that dug many holes. Creating some nets from trees and berries, they caught it and convinced it to allow them to dig in the area. Weeks passed before they were able to create traps for nifflers. Meanwhile dragons were burning through walls at Camelot as Nifflers burrowed items for leprechaun dancers to sell. These items could burn through everything except golden dragons. Thestrals flew away from Ocammys which bit at its nose. It shrieked like a Banshee since it was crying loudly and snot from its nose dribbled horrifically. Witches flew crazily
🌺🌺🌺 I fall in love with boys I see on a TV screen.

The ones in books who are as perfect as they can be.🌺🌺🌺
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