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High above overlooking the lake and a section of the grounds are the castle battlements. During the Battle of Hogwarts, the battlements where used to defend the school from Lord Voldemort and his allies. This is also where Sirius Black rode away on Buckbeak the hippogriff, but keep that hush hush. Though some damage remains, the battlements remain fairly intact and provide an opportune place to be when an enemy is approaching.

Though there hasn't been a full-blown battle at Hogwarts for many years, the battlements nonetheless provide a nice view from a high vantage point. More often than not, the Giant Squid can be seen bathing himself in the sunlight; thestrals (if you can see them) fly above the trees at the edge of the lake; and if you look closely you'll be able to follow the road that leads to the Entrance Gates. If you're feeling up to climbing the tight spiral staircase to get there, know that it is worth the effort. There are wooden crates and barrels for you to sit on at the top should you need to catch your breath.