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The tears were gone as was some of her sadness. Addi was trying her best to shake of the previous feelings and return things to semi normal once more. "Why would they tease me? A lot of them know who I am," she reminded him for the millionth time. "I'm not worried about a little teasing anyhow." People she didn't really know teasing her wasn't anything like having him tease her.

"I bet you that one day before we both graduate from here I will get you to sit at MY table, with me," she responded glancing at him a tiny smirk playing at her lips now. "Is that what you think all us lions do?" She was honestly growing curious about his opinion of her and the Gryffindors but more so about her...why she wasn't really sure especially after how upset she had gotten over what he had said last time.

Addi followed alongside, Connor, slipping down onto the bench beside him once they got to the Slytherin table. There wasn't all that many snakes she really did know anymore but those she did were given a light smile.
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