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Originally Posted by Ninjacat View Post
"Hufflepuff is a cool house, I have nothing against it, and I mean not all Slytherins are evil, Only wouldn't want to be in it because of their reputation. Griffindors are a little bit full of themselves, and Ravenclaws are full of smart people." Ariel responded. "You could come and meet my family after lunch come with me as I get my supplies for Hogwarts." She offered, smiling.

Lucas returned a short while later and set their foods on the table before them. "Eat up, everyone! There's seconds for anyone who wants.'' Especially you, nephew. Growing kids needed to keep up their appetites. Without further interrupting his and Ariel's conversation, he dug into his own food.

"Thanks, Uncle Lucas!'' chirped the happy Brody who was pleased to have his favourite meal. "I wouldn't mind being in Slytherin,'' he continued to Ariel and dipping a chip in ketchup. "All the Houses are good in their own way.'' He thought it was nice of her to invite him to meet her parents. "Thanks. Uncle Lucas and I have to meet up with Aunt Tallie. I'd like to meet them some other time though.''
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