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~ Mrs Steve Harrington ~ Friendly Neighbourhood Hufflepuff ~

Connor chanced a glance at Addi. She wasn't looking at him either and for a strange reason, it made his heart sink. But not more than it made him feel annoyed. U-G-H! She was so stubborn! Why couldn't she look at him? Guess what? He was going to continue looking at the portrait then. And so his eyes returned to the Fat Lady.

This was such a bad idea. He shouldn't have come here.

Especially since Addison didn't want to talk to him.

Or did she?

He couldn't stop his gaze from quickly returning to her when she spoke. Con was surprised to see she was finally looking at him. As in giving him a proper gaze. Before he knew it the words were tumbling out of his mouth. "I'msorryforbeingajerktheotherday.''
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