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Hey Guys, thanks for coming back for more. Sorry I'm so lat posting this chapter. Hope you all like the chapter. All comments are welcome.

Chapter 3

Albus Has A Plan

The kids watched as he descended the stairs and walked over to them. He told them their dad was resting and it would be several hours before they knew anything. “Are you hungry; I make a mean blueberry pancake?”

They all nodded their heads and he took them to the kitchen. He told funny stories while he mixed up the batter and fried the pancakes. He flipped the cakes fancifully and the kids giggled at John’s brand of magic. Two stacked plates of plate sized pancakes soon sat on the table ready to eat. While they prepared their pancakes John opened the refrigerator and asked what they wanted to drink. The answer was unanimous; chocolate milk. They talked and laughed around the table while they ate, and afterwards when John washed the dishes.

When he was done he looked at the clock and suggested they all get their showers, brush their teeth and get ready for bed. “After you get done, you can come back down and we can do whatever you want until you get to see your dad.”

They were delighted they weren’t told they had to go to bed without getting to see their dad. Albus hung back and told James to go ahead and shower first and then he would be up in a couple minutes. He watched his brother and sister go upstairs and then sat beside John. He thought for a minute and John didn’t push him into saying anything and then Alus said, “I’ve been thinking. Dad is all the time having to save me for some reason. I don’t understand why people hate me so much. I can’t stand Dad getting hurt and coming close to dying because of me. I was wondering if I could live with you on Atlantis. I could do my schooling there during the day, and I could work for you in the afternoons and evenings. Or, I mean if you don’t want me, I understand. I could sleep in the infirmary and help Dr. Keller. I’m an expert potion maker and I can make medicine just as easily. There are lots and lots of things I could do to earn my keep. Just… I can’t live here when so many people hate me. I can’t live if they kill daddy while he’s trying to protect me. And I could be real useful to you; dad says I have the Ancient gene in my blood like he, you and Jack has. I know how to read star charts and I’ve been studying the Ancient language and their technology and I have a special project for Rodney if he’s interested in doing it. I know I’ll miss everyone here and I’ll be lonely for them, but I could see them from time to time.”

John listened intently to his young friend and was amazed at how much Albus and Harry were alike. Albus was willing to sacrifice his needs for the safety and well being of those he loved. John felt a stab of sorrow for Harry and Albus having such a bond with each other that put them in danger. John had a depressing thought of not having a son by now, and thought he would be lucky to have Albus as a son. But he knew this couldn’t be.

“I would love for you to live with me on Atlantis, or anywhere else. If it was just me alone, I would say yes in a heartbeat. But, I can’t act on what I want. You are very brave to be willing to move away from your family for the sake of your dad. I would be honored for you to live with me. But I couldn’t take you away from your family; especially your dad. If I took you away from him, it would be the same as taking a huge part of his heart. He would be so unhappy and guilty feeling that it could eventually kill him. He already feels guilty for causing you to be in harm’s way all the time. It is because of him that people are trying to get at you to either; brainwash you to join the dark side, or kill you. They hate your dad so much that they want him dead. They know they can never be successful in their attempts of domination over the people as long as he is alive. They go after you because of the special bond between you and your dad. They know if they took or even tried to take you from him he would rescue you at any cost to himself.”

“You think I need to live with him the rest of my life, it’ll kill him if I move away when I become of age? Because that was my plan; after I graduate I was going to disappear to keep him safe. But I don’t think he’ll live that long. He saved me once when I was like five and again at the Quidditch Tournament and twice within the last three months.”

“There’s something you aren’t thinking about; if they can’t get you, they’ll try for James, Lily, or your mom. They’ll keep trying to get your dad until they’ve ended up killing your brother, sister, and mom too. If they still haven’t killed him, they’ll start on your grandparents, cousins, aunts, and uncles. They’ll never succeed in killing your dad. So should he leave to keep all of you safe? He did that about three and a half years ago. He left for two years and they were the worst two years of his life. It kept you all safe, but he wasn’t any less safe because he still fought for good and justice; and he was heartbroken the whole time.”

James ran down the steps with Lily chasing after him with a threatening look on her face. “You better keep your mouth shut, James Sirius Potter!” James dropped down tight up against John with a silly grin on his face. “Lily has a serious crush on you. Did you know? You’re her Prince or Knight in shining armor, or something girly like that! She’s wearing her special Cinderella nightgown, robes, and slippers. Her panties are probably Cinderella too.”

Lily’s face turned beet red and she quickly closed and tied her robe and looked at John to see his reaction. John’s smile was charming and he winked at Lily. “Well, that’s awesome to know, James. I’ve been crushing on her ever since I met you guys.”

James grin left his face and disappointment came over his whole being. “But, you were my hero!”

“And I better still be! You should be happy for Lily. Don’t you know that a lot of the time, sisters’ end up marrying their brothers’ best friend? Your dad and Uncle Ron were best friends when he married your mom. Look at everything you could be a part of if we were brothers in law. You better be nice to her.”

James mouth dropped in surprise and then he laughed, “You’re the greatest, John. I wish you could marry Lily; but you’re too old for her.” He laughed and playfully elbowed his friend realizing John was keeping Lily from getting embarrassed.

Albus laughed in a subdued way and stood up and offered Lily his seat beside John. “I need to get ready for bed. Lily you are very pretty and you smell good too. You probably want to finish brushing your hair though,” he added in a whisper.

Three hours later Carson and Ginny helped Harry downstairs and found James and Albus asleep against John with their arms folded around each of John’s. Lily was snuggled up on John’s lap and her face into his neck asleep with her arms around his neck and John was asleep with his head resting on top of Lily’s head, her hairbrush stuck in his unruly hair. The TV was on playing a Batman movie marathon.

Ginny took several pictures and then held Harry’s arm to help support him. Carson quietly said John’s name. John being a well trained military man, who serves in combat situations quite regularly, opened his eyes without moving to access the situation that woke him.

“Well, would you look here; look who’s up kids.” He tried to move but found he was pinned down by the three kids. They woke when he spoke and tried to move. When they saw Harry standing between Carson and Ginny right before their eyes they all three jumped up and launched toward him.

The three kids knew to be careful so Ginny didn’t tell them to be careful. Harry leaned heavily on his kids trying to hug all three and keep them tight to him. It was difficult and he became emotional thinking he could have lost them. He took each of their heads in his hands and looked them in the eyes making sure they were ok. When he held Albus and looked in his eyes, he sank to his knees and cried trying to talk. “Are you ok son? Do you feel like I can’t protect you now? I know it was scary for you. It was scary for all of us. Are you ok?”

Harry hugged them all again and apologized for being so emotional. He wiped his eyes with the back of his hands and said, “Do I smell Blueberry Pancakes? I’m so hungry.” He was trying to cheer his kids and take their minds off his emotional breakdown. “John, what’s up with your hair ornament?”

Before John could say anything Ginny’s cell phone rang. She got up and said she’d take it in the kitchen while she got him some scrambled eggs and toast. You kids come with me.”

James and Lily followed her into the kitchen as Ginny said hello to her mom. Albus helped Harry onto his feet and then to his chair by the fireplace. He thanked him for saving him and then took a deep breath. “Daddy, you’re the smartest and strongest and most powerful wizard in the world. If I don’t feel safe with you, then there isn’t any one who could come close to making me feel safe. I’m sure without a doubt I am safest in your capable hands. But, if you ever get tired and need a break you can send me to live with John on Atlantis; if he doesn’t mind.”

Harry’s chin quivered just for a second and then he just smiled and nodded his head. He cleared his throat and said, “Thank you, son. You’re a good man and John should be so lucky to get to have you, but I can’t ever imagine there will be a time when that would happen. You are a huge part of my heart, and if I didn’t have you with me, I’d probably never be happy again. Now, that doesn’t mean you can’t ever move out and be about living your life making your own decisions. Every parent wants their children to be able to go out and achieve their goals and become an asset to society. It is healthy and best for them. Your mum and I will miss you kids when you become of age and move on with your life when you’re ready, but we will be happy for you. But that time won’t come for a while yet, so for now, I need you… I want you to be here with me, your mum and me. Only I was thinking if John agrees I might ask him to take you, your brother and sister, and your mum with him when he leaves for a little bit until I feel it’s safe to be here. I spoke to your mum and Carson about it when I woke up a little bit ago. She agrees it is best and she’s excited for, you kids, to see Atlantis. I need to find the leader of this birdbrain outfit. The plan was to let them think they had you and take me to their leader, but Mundungus ruined that plan when he thought he was saving you from them. I don’t think it’ll take long if Mundungus is willing to help. It appears he knows them. And then I’ll come to Atlantis and spend a week or so there with you before we all come back home for the rest of the summer.”

Albus smiled and nodded his head and kissed his dad’s forehead. He looked closely at, and gently put his hand on the side of Harry’s face and then tilted Harry’s head back enough to see the strangulation bruise. His face was black and blue and puffy. “I think I would have been killed if you hadn’t taken my place. I can’t ever thank you enough. But I feel so bad this happened to you.”

Harry smiled warmly and said, “I’m just glad I was able to take your place. I’m sure it would have killed you. But you know what hurts the most right now, other than my throat?” He held up his arm and showed him his skinned elbow. “I wonder how Marston is doing. It was him who grabbed the cap I was wearing and ran with it. I think he enjoyed playing his part. He totally did that on his own. What a guy.”

They laughed and Albus went to the kitchen a happy boy. He started telling the three in the kitchen about Marston. Harry looked wearily at John and quietly said, “Do you think you can take my family with you when you leave? I’m not going to be able to get around very well for a few days, and I need to start looking right away before the birdbrain people go into hiding. I need to know my family is safe so I can concentrate on what I need to do. Plus, I don’t want Albus subjected to reporters and such. They’ll begin showing up here probably mid morning.”

John nodded his head and said, “I checked in with Atlantis earlier to let them know what happened and I’ve been ordered back by 10:00 tomorrow morning. They’ll only have time to say a quick good bye.”

Harry nodded his head and closed his eyes. His breathing became deep and labored. “I need to get back to bed. Ginny asked Winky to pack all of their clothes, and she’s done by now I’m sure. She’s telling her parents about them leaving now. Tell Ginny I’m sorry but I need to go to bed. She can have my scrambled eggs. Thanks for watching; taking care of the kids for us. Good night, John.”

By the time he was done talking John could hardly hear him. Harry made an effort to get up but fell back into his chair. John and Carson helped him up and took him upstairs. Harry asked them how they knew he needed help. They had to ask what he said again because he was barely whispering. Harry repeated his question again a little bit louder.

John said, “Well, I figured something was going on because your pouch kept coming to me on and off all day today. But because you were at a public place mixed with magical and non magical people, we had to go through all kinds of government red tape on both sides. The IOA was dragging their feet and General O’Neill reminded them they answer to you. They finally said, “You better hope he’s dying because there’s going to be trouble if he’s not.” The General said, “If Harry dies, I personally will give testimony that you caused his death by keeping us on ‘stand by’ when we had tangible evidence he and an entire train loaded with children were in imminent danger.” He is the one who over ruled the IOA so we could finally come. And then your Prime Minister made us jump through hoops to land at King’s Cross. Kingsley got us through the barrier 9 and 3/4”

Harry nodded his head and asked what evidence he had. “I don’t want anyone knowing that my pouch with my wand and sword go to you when I’m-”

“No, buddy; relax. It isn’t that. The Daedalus is orbiting Earth and they picked up unusual energy readings from the Hogwarts Express. They contacted me to see if they should check into it since it is the train used to transport students to and from Hogwarts and I told them yes. They told me then that your transmitter was showing up as bleeps both on the train and at King’s Cross. They couldn’t find out what the other energy readings were though. I had Rodney check and he said the energy readings were the same type that we got when Winky came to get Carson and me that time you…”

Harry nodded his head and said, “Okay; thanks, John. I don’t want to be rude, but I can’t stay awake any longer. See you in the morning?”

John grinned, “Sure, buddy. I doubt you will be up when we leave, but I’ll see you later. And I’ll make sure your family is well taken care of, rest easy.”

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