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Had she said something wrong? Did Connor Anders look...dare she say it. Embarrassed? The little blonde blinked at him several times, it was okay to admit not being good at something. Everyone had trouble with things, even her. His question made her smile and she nodded once. "Sure. I'll even keep my mouth shut about it. Not tell a or dead." Hehe, cause you know..the ghosts and portraits and such.

"Why? Being nice is a good thing." Most of the time. Sometimes being nice got you pushed around and taken advantage of but Addi could handle herself. Hmm? That wasn't what she had said. "I didn't say that. I just simply said you should be happy that they're they way they are and help all of us out like they do." What was his problem? "When have I ever said you were bad? I only ever say you're mean and a jerk." This was said with a play smirk on her lips as she was teasing him. The boy really needed to lighten up a bit.
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