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Text Cut: Henry, Levi, Felicity, Théo, Cassie, Daisy,
and Vivian
Originally Posted by emjay View Post
Henry should have known there was something on their desks under a disillusionment charm. This was part of why he liked Charms so much. There was so much that you could do with magic and always something really cool to learn, even if he was still mastering the disillusionment charm.

He sort of wished he hadn't had any of the cider now that he heard the instructions for the activity. His mouth already tasted all appley and he was sure that would affect him trying to discern any taste differences between the two apples on his desk. But of course he could try other methods first.

And, yeah. Gamp's Law of Elemental Transfiguration? Henry knew all about that as well, looking up as Abey brought it up. He studied that for his Transfiguration OWL last term. There were other possible charms, he supposed, that might make it magically created. Duplicating an actual apple, for instance, or.. there were probably charms to apply the candy coating. He didn't try to speculate on that aloud though, instead waiting for Professor Marchand to explain.

Meanwhile, he tried to take notice visually how the apples appeared. Once was definitely more perfectly symmetrical than what seemed natural. And the candy coating seemed just a little too shiny. Hmm. What would they taste like? Henry jotted down his visual observations between the two before taking a bite of one.
Originally Posted by Oesed View Post
Levi Kenning, The White Lie, had been there the WHOLE time. For a better view of all the clearly well thought out costumes his classmates had thrown together, the boy had chosen the very back of the classroom. There were princesses, hags, ladybugs, pirates, Abey Botros was maybe the sky itself???, a Lucy who hadn't bothered with a costume, a blonde Althea, and an actual Althea who, like him, didn't seem to have bothered much with the theme and had only sort of stuck to it.

But at least she'd added flowers to her cat ears. And he'd actually gone on to make the make the black rim of his glasses white. So, there was that.

So much for their supposed differences.

Professor Marchand, meanwhile, didn't look entirely well and the boy had the half mind to ask if something was wrong, but then class started. Not to mention that if something was wrong with the man it was unlikely that he'd be willing to share with one of his students. Gryffindor IMPS guy or not.

Levi didn't immediately began working on the assignment, and instead craned his neck to read what a fellow Gryffindors had written on his sleeves. Not an easy feat considered he kind of had to read upside down but he thought he could make out: Using my Arithmancy book to feed the fire was a complete accident and you have perfect eyesight, Levi and I'm not lying when I say 'I'm on my way, I only need five more minutes.'

Anyway. The apples.

He tilted his head to one side, looked up briefly at at Abey's question--which had been his own, too--and nodded in appreciation when Marchand confirmed that was something they'd be touching on, later. The boy leaned in close to the apples, wrinkling his nose and squinting, trying to note the flaw that'd give away the fake one. Or not fake. The duplicate. He thought there was a certain sheen to the one on the left that made it a little too perfect, or maybe it was the way the light was hitting it.

The boy tilted his head to the other side. Was it... too round? Did it smell too sweet?

Levi pulled back and began to take notes.
Originally Posted by Harron Peasley View Post
Felicity had taken full advantage of the fact that she didn't have to wear her uniform today, but her actual 'costume' was resigned to her face. The make up had taken her a while that morning, but she was proud of it. Sat towards the middle of the room, she quickly drew out too columns, and mentally labelled her apples 1 and 2. 2 had a slightly cartoonish shine to it, while 1 was noticeably stickier. She couldn't detect any different in their smell, and that got written down, too.

Glancing at her classmates, Flick noticed that most of them were eating the apples. Hesitantly, she turned back to her apples, and took a small bite of each in turn. The second one she bit into, number 1, was definitely sticking to her teeth more, and she grimaced slightly. Gross.
Originally Posted by oh its Erik ok View Post
Théo had no idea what he wanted to be for Halloween and he left it way too late to think about a costume so for charms he was here with no costume or well he was dressed as a Hogwarts student. Simple and it worked. He liked everyone else's costumes and Marchand was particularly cool. But he was disappointed by no candy. He did not care about snacks or drinks.

He stared down at the two apples at his desk and could not really tell the difference. Did that mean his eyes were bad? Did he need glasses?

Was he supposed to eat them both because that was the only way to tell?

He did say he could eat them.

But once he heard his answer to Abey's question. While interesting. Théo was still going to taste them because why not. He took one and bit into one. Uh tastes just like a normal apple.

Was that suppose to go into his notes?
Originally Posted by Holmesian Feline View Post
Absence of snacks?

Sure Cassie had noticed there wasn’t anything there for them, but she wasn’t one to readily assume that every class every professor was going to provide them with some sort of food. That was presumptuous and they’d constantly be stuffed to the gills if that were the case. And then there was the explanation as to the reason and SNACKS actually did appear on each of their desks. The Ravenclaw really did enjoy the use of the disillusion charm. But then she was the daughter of a charms expert and professor…she seemed to inherit the love of charms from her father.

Like the charm that made one of the apples.

She leaned closer to the two fruit to get a better look at them. Marchand was right…they really were so similar in appearance. But the one on the right was slightly larger. That was the first thing Cass picked up on her examination, especially once she picked them up one by one. Though she supposed that didn’t really help her choose which was which.
Originally Posted by Crayola View Post
Daisy had been in a pretty good mood. She had ignored Professor Marchand's bending of the rules to allow them to wear costumes -- had ignored the suggestion to wear her U17 kit as a costume too; ignored it with a glare and a subsequential roll of her eyes -- but wasn't terribly surprised to find that most of her classmates had wholeheartedly embraced it. People loved to dress up, didn't they? Well, she didn't have the time. Or patience. Too much to do, too many people to see. A IMPS competitor to train, on top of her own training, her own classes, her own homework.

And, sleep. Though it was getting harder to do that lately, despite the scratches on her cheek having been healed long ago.

That good mood had diminished however at the sight of not only one Althea Kenning, but two. Not that she had any problems with the duplicate but it was still a rather painful reminder that Althea was not talking to her. Hadn't done so for almost a month, too. Thankfully, Professor Marchand seemed to be even more tired than she felt, unless that was make up to complete The Look or something, so the sixth year felt pretty confident that the fact she was distracting herself trying to read the writing on Levi's arms would go amiss.

And then there were apples on the table.

That got the girl's attention, even if only because she had hoped that Professor Marchand had gotten over his need to feed the students. Apparently, he was now feeding the students by incorporating it into the lesson. A slightly unimpressed look covered the girl's features as she sat back into her chair, only disappearing at the mention that they could use other senses other than taste. At least there was that.

Wait. Was Abey Botros covered in glitter because he was supposed to be the sky? The vision of the glitter falling off the boy's head did more to lift her mood than the fact she had known the answer to his question and as she looked down to study the apples, there was a smile on her lips.

Okay. At first look they looked pretty similar, roundish and shiny and red, exactly what she expected candy apples to look like. Hmmm. Maybe the one on the right didn't look as perfect? It looked slightly smudged, maybe a sign of a rushed spell? It could be that her brain was imagining things, to be completely fair. There was a part of her that still thought they were identical and Marchand was sending them on a fool's errand. She sent a quick look Levi's way and she was about to open her mouth to suggest that maybe there was nothing wrong with adding another lesson to their list, but the Gryffindor looked particularly focused. So, with a quick "Whatever you do, don't eat them, L." thrown his way, Daisy returned her attention to her two apples and reached for her parchment, ready to make very detailed lists concerning each apple.

And then take a more or less educated guess. Right, most likely.
Originally Posted by Kimothy View Post
So they were supposed to guess which apple was the real one? It would've been easier if the fake apple was like plastic or something. But, nah, this was magic. It WOULD be tricky, even with the entire Gamp's Law of Elemental Transfiguration about food. How would she know? What was the fake apple made of, originally? A dozen of questions simply fell into her head during the mini activity they had.


Trying to not seem like she was lost and dumb, Vivian took both apples and examined them closely. She even tried smell them, hoping for some sort of miracle to reveal itself with a simple sniff. She tried to squeeze both apples, but both were still quite firm. Then, she tried to run her fingers on the apple's coat. One seemed too flat and smooth to be true.

... Bro, apple candy coating is NOT that impressive. Whatever happened to being realistic.

Vivian would even try eating them but Merlin knows what the fake one was made of. So nah, she wouldn't dare. She'd wait for the Professor to unleash which one was the real one. Other than that, she jotted her notes down on parchment and then quietly drummed her fingers on her desk, patiently waiting for the class to move on.
Mr. Whittebrook, Mr. Kenning, Miss Harrington, Mr. Montmorency, Miss McNally, Miss Carden, and Miss Fairfield each got a small smile and polite nod from the professor. Mr. Kenning's costume earned a second look,
though he wasn't exactly sure who - or what - he was supposed to be. Another look was given to Miss Harrington's costume as well. That was some impressive face paint she was wearing!

But his smile vanished at the sight of Miss Carden's unimpressed expression. Did he do something wrong? He was lost in thought, trying to figure out what he did when he overheard what she was sayign to Mr. Kenning. His heart sank. He understood why students wouldn't want to eat the snacks he offered, but still it maade him a little sad that they didn't trust him.

Text Cut: Hattie, Skylar, Stasya, and Emmeline
Originally Posted by RachieRu View Post
Hattie giggled at how the professor greeted her. Princess Belle. She could certainly get used to that. Being a princess would be so cool. Although it would come with work. Hattie would have no intentions of being a trophy princess. Luckily, or maybe sadly, she couldn't be a princess. So she would have to be content with just dressing up as once sometimes. But for today, she was a Princess, and nobody could stop her being happy. Unless the professor had poisoned the apples. But she wasn't dressed as Snow White so she was pretty sure she was safe. And this Professor was pretty cool, so she was pretty sure that he wouldn't try to kill his students.

But now onto working out which apple was the real one. "hmm..." The blonde murmured, as she inspected the apples of her desk. They certainly looked the same. She picked them both up in turn, inspecting them a bit closer. One seemed to have more shine too it, but maybe that was just very shiny. She frowned, a little bit unsure. This was hard.

She next smelt them. Sniff. Sniff. That didn't yield much results either. They both smelt like apples. Though she did think one had a more artificial smell. Maybe that was the fake one? She tilted her head to the side. She would need to taste it to make sure. Hattie quickly wrote her observations down, before she took a bite of each apple.

Now. Hmm. Which one was the fake one? She needed to have a good think.
Originally Posted by PhoenixRising View Post
Skylar grinned when Professor Marchand said she looked regal. She might have said thanks, but it seemed activity time was happening now, as two candied apples appeared on her desk. She did have to admit that she was grateful to be dressed as Cinderella, because no apples in the story of Cinderella. One created by magic? Yes, she was about to ask about the Gamp's Law thing, when Abey asked first! Good on Abey for asking a very important question, but yes, what trickery. It couldn't be created from nothing, but from something else...

What Skylar really wanted to do was to use her wand to reveal which one contained magic within it, but Professor Marchand hadn't said they could do so. Just use their senses, which was lame, but she guessed he was trying to work on their vigilance and paying attention. She wasn't going to use taste though, because it was Halloween and while she trusted Marchand, she didn't trust Hogwarts, per-say. The two apples at first looked very similar, but placing her chin on the desk to gaze at them at eye level she did notice that the one on the right was just a smidgen larger.

Smells, were similar enough that she didn't notice anything particular in differences.

Textures on the other hand, was where Skylar was finally able to get some more concrete differences. The one on the right was also almost too perfect in terms of the candy coating. Handmade candied apples never came out so perfect, which meant aid of a wand had to be used.
Originally Posted by SilverTiger View Post
All the costumes were definitely distracting for Stasya, still trying to figure out if certain parts of Professor Marchand’s costume were just a costume or if something had actually happened to her head of house. Except, the reaction her greeting had gotten from Derf had startled her. The stutter didn’t slip past her attention, and she realized she hadn’t heard it in a while, but she’d given him a big grin at the compliment. “Thank you! I was trying to look authentic.” Mhm. Although the staring was getting kind of weird.

She’d turned back to the professor moments before Jessa had come over all excitedly to give Derf something, more to stop from wondering exactly why her Hufflepuff friend had gotten all stutter-y and weird than to go back to wondering about the professor’s outfit. She’d smiled again as he had commented on her costume too, though. “I don’t need fairy dust. I have magic,” she pointed out, holding up her wand a little, even as she’d waved at Emmeline with her other hand.


And then class had started, and her earlier lack of concern over snacks was visible when the professor had apologized for it. She really hadn’t noticed, but the appearance of the apples on her desk had definitely intrigued her. Well, and Abey’s question about Gamp’s Law. Mostly the apples, though, and she’d leaned forward to look at the two on her desk closely. They didn’t really look different, except for one of them looked a tiny bit more perfect than the other one. Lifting each one up to take a bite from one and then the other, her guess didn’t really change. They didn’t taste any different, but that didn’t mean the more perfect one wasn’t magic. The one on the right looked more perfect, except for the bite she’d taken out of it.
Originally Posted by NifflerFan View Post

Emmeline gave Professor Marchand a big smile and an even BIGGER hug when he said he wanted one. Talking quietly so that other kids wouldn't hear, she told him: "Any time, Professor sir. Gryffindors stick together, right?" Wasn't that the point of the Houses system?

She made her way over to her usual seat after that, because her watch said it was almost time to start. She smiled and waved at Jessa, Derf, Stasya, and Abey and anyone else she knew. Everyone looked so good in their costumes! Her usual seat was, of course, within talking distance of Derf and Stasya and as she passed Derf's desk, she noticed the picture he was looking at really intensely. Thinking it was some kind of creature, she was a little surprised to see that it was only a really pretty girl -- but wait, the girl was blonde...
"Is that girl part veela, Derf?" She was curious now. Wasn't that one of the American IMPS girls? There wasn't time to ask any more questions, though, because now Professor Marchand was talking and candied apples were appearing on the desks!

See, this was why Charms was such a cool class. Casual use of magic and the fact that anything could happen would make any class more exciting. Emmeline listened intently to the instructions and then slid down in her seat until she was eye level with the two apples. Hmmm... She didn't notice anything right away.
Scrunching up her nose in concentration, she carefully poked the two apples. From Derf's stories about the staff here, she was reluctant to taste anything professors gave her; however, Abey had tasted them and he was still okay. She liked Professor Marchand and she didn't want him to turn out to be evil, buuut she didn't want to risk anything bad happening by tasting the apples either.

She poked each apple again; did the one on the right feel kind of smoother? She thought magic would make a picture-perfect apple, so she was looking at them for imperfections. Sniffing delicately, she thought they smelled the same so it would have to be touch and sight alone that guided her.

Now that she was concentrating, the apple on the left seemed to be a slightly different shape than the one on the right; the left apple had an extra little bump thing at the top. Also, the candied stuff was applied well but it didn't look as...magically perfect as the right apple's did. So, she determined that the right apple was the magic-made one and the left apple was the house elf made one.

Digging in her bag, Emmeline extracted her Charms notebook, extra parchment, a quill and ink to write down her findings like the professor said to:

SPOILER!!: Emmeline's Observations

Emmeline Sparkes
First Year

Right apple: made by magic because it is perfectly smooth and shaped. And the candy stuff is even around the whole thing, and there's the same amount of candy stuff on every part of the apple. It's too perfect.
Left Apple: made by awesome house-elves because the candy stuff is not 100% even and the same over the whole apple. Also this apple has an extra bump thing at the top by the stem.

The giggle from Miss Paton did not go unnoticed, and Gaston smiled in reply. Another smile was given at the sight of Miss Diggory's grin, but the smile turned into a slight chuckle as Miss Dalgaard-Volkova said she didn't need fairy dust when she had magic. Well, the girl had a point there! "Of course! Fair point, Miss Dalgaard-Volkova," he said.The girl still seemed awfully interested in his costume. Why? Was it really that good? He eventually reasoned it must be the hook that had her so curious and added, "Not to worry. This-" He removed the plastic hook momentarily to reveal his right hand beneath it. "-isn't real."

Then Miss Sparkes was hugging him. Gaston adjusted his hook and gave her a quick one-armed hug in return. His smile wobbled slightly, and he blinked several times. He was very glad he'd decided to not to wear eyeliner with his costume! Honestly, some of these kids were going to kill him with kindness one day! "Right," he agreed,
though he wasn't feeling much like a Gryffindor right now.

Text Cut: Ace and Mel
Originally Posted by Steelsheen View Post
Mel was doing that cutesy wave hello that he found so amusing with his bestie, so he waved back at her the same way. "Swab the deck? Haha maybe." given how the Professor and now his fellow Prefect was dressed, it looked like he was the one doing the cleaning. Now as for who Mel should be..... "But I was about to say that-- you look like you." he laughed "... or is this some deeper statement about what we choose to come in as as an unconscious statement of who we are?" eh eh? Hehehe.

Anyways, people came in interesting costumes. Part of him started to wish he made a lot more effort than coming in as a sailor, but yeah nautical theme, unified Lion House. That was important.

And so was this apple. Apples. He looked up at Marchand giving instructions. So one of these is real and the other one isnt. Hmmmm....

He grabbed hold of both apples. Did one of them feel a little different? He thought on of them felt a little light. But no two apples have exactly the same weight either.

What about the smell test? He sniffed one, then the other, then back and forth. This lighter one smelled more apple-y. Does that mean its the real apple? Eh.... this is tricky.

More research is needed....

Originally Posted by Optimist.Prime View Post
He wanted a refreshment? That wasn’t…well, normal was it – but still, she had offered and so with due diligence Melbourne poured the second cup before heading over and placing it on Professor Marchands desk. Class was starting! Mel immediately turned to look at Professor Marchand when he said snacks were a part of the lesson…mini activity with apples! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaas….pirate?

Picking the apple up by its stick Melbourne looked at it and wondered which was made by magic…and which by hand…really, she knew that the apple itself had been grown and all of the supplies had had to be present to make it so there was no way that the apple would be different itself because of a difference in texture and substance. The apples as they were would differ only due to growing conditions and the type of apples…green were likely, those were often used in candy apples.

Plucking the heavy apple off of her desk when she heard Tenacius’ question. ”aawwww yeah, I do look like me I guess?” she spoke as the stick of her candy apple managed to snap causing her apple to careen into her chin. ”ow…” she hissed as she caught it on her chin and placed the apple back on her desk….it hurt a bit like being lobbed in the face with a candy apple would. ”I went as Darcy Lewis from Thor…y’know what I named by Jarvey after?” she whispered over to him and grinned before adding ”I’m not as philosophical as you seem to think I am Salander,” she grinned as she picked up the second apple. This time she cradled it in her hand and tested the stick before resolving that the first apple had been heavier…more weighted…was it the real one? Or was this the hand made one?

Hearing Abey’s statement just made Mel grin. That was adorable, really, he was trying to reference Gamp’s laws and well…it made her curious as to whether they were going to be making food with their wands…could they make something delicious possibly complex because maybe that would be something she could teach Mika…heh, silly, thinking she had to teach her own elder sister how to cook and bake but that girl was a hopeless case.
Originally Posted by Steelsheen View Post
Ace smiled at Mel. Right, Darcy from Thor. Yeah now he remembers. "Good pick. Certainly more memorable than Jane ever was. Infinity stone or not."

Alright so... should he have a bite? He tapped his finger against one and then the other, candy apples are pretty hard. Can he actually bite into these things? Maybe give 'em a lick first?

.......... They both taste the same.

He examined both closely. His candy apples were so identical it was really hard to tell. Of what little difference they had, one just seem to have minor nicks, just tiny imperfections....

.... wait.

What if thats it? What if thats what tells them apart? He picked up this beyond perfect candy apple "Maybe you're the fake one?...." he murmured and then took a bite. And took another. And another.....

... this isnt very filling is it? Or is it because he's just naturally a bottomless pit?
Originally Posted by Optimist.Prime View Post
Brushing her finger over the glassy edge of the candy shell Mel glanced over to Tenacius and grinned. ”Exactly why I chose her – she’s got enough spunk and sass….” she grinned to herself as she tapped the apple with her finger. The first major difference other than the weight differences was that one indeed had more of a pooling of candy shell at the bottom. It was as if the candy shell had dripped down the apple and pooled on a tray…something that magical baking likely wouldn’t leave evidence of…with magic, they could quite rightly harden and dry the shell as they made it therefore illuminating the pooling effect all together.

”do they taste any different?” Mel asked Tenacius a smirk playing on her face. Taking her pen and notepad in hand Mel began to write down her findings.

SPOILER!!: the findings

Apple 1:
  • air bubbles and destincitive popped bubble look to the edge of the candy shell
  • candy shell has a pooling effect at the base of the apple
  • candy shell’s pooled bottom is flat at the base

Apple 2:
  • Less air bubbles (did it heat up more evenly?)
  • Little to no pooling effect (more rapid/even cooling?)
  • Stick broke (heavier apple??)
  • Apple heavier but evenly weighted

Conclusion: The First apple is hand made, second apple is made via magic.

Gaston smiled gratefully as Miss Sorin-Ward set another cup of hot cider on his desk. "Thank you, Miss Sorin-Ward," he said. As he sat at his desk watching the class,
he caught bits and pieces of the conversation between Miss Sorin-Ward and Mr. Salander. Other professors probably would've told them off, but he didn't mind students talking... as long as it didn't interfere with them completing their work. Oh, so that's who Miss Sorin-Ward was supposed to be! He'd been wondering.

Text Cut: Liv and Rooney
Originally Posted by Govoni View Post
Oh, she was being joined by a blonde haired girl whom Olphaba had...never laid eyes on before? Or so, she assumed. Said blonde had the strangest eyes. Doll-like and bright...but at the same time, there was something familiar about this person. Like... the sense of a kindred spirit that permeated the mystique. Rapunzel, the character, was something near and dear to her heart. It felt strange that so many others had went the Disney route, and herself, who was the biggest Disney junkie around, hadn't. Curiouser and curiouser.

When Rapunzel seated herself close by, Olphie leaned in to take a closer look. Lol, 'closer look' was the polite way of putting it. Actually, Olphaba was STARING this girl down. As if to say...Whooo. Are. You.? But then... Well, there was only ONE person who would be quoting The Wizard and I to her. Only one person who loved the theatre as much as she did...


Upon further inspection, and spying the Head Boy badge glittering on the pretty, purple dress, Olphaba started cackling... CACKLING like she was actually the Witch (WHICH OLD WITCH, THE WICKED WITCH)... "Why.... do you predict that the Wizard could make me his, Roopunzel?" Oh, my dear. MY DEAR! And not to throw shade at her boyfriend, but how dare he look better as a girl than she did. That simply would not do. Her own vanity wouldn't allow it. "I'm afraid I must discontinue our partnership, Roopunzel. You are more fair than I."

Now... it was time to get to this apple activity. Hmmm. APPLES. So many Disney jokes she could make about apples, Alas... Kids dressed as Disney characters, do NOT let us down!!!

With a frown, Olphie recrossed her legs and slipped back into character. Candied apples. What in the name of OZ did this man have them doing with these things? There wasn't anything terribly special about apples. A magically induced fruit would've been much more interesting. Like a poisoned apple, if the man insisted on these... There was no Snow White present today, but... Perhaps Cinderella could take a bite. Or Belle... That's what Princesses were there for. To get poisoned and then be resued by true love's kiss. G A G.

Love was for fools!

Ahem. Anyway... Two identical candied apples. They were quite strange, weren't they? She'd made them once before with her mother, and found that the process of coating said apples was way harder than it actually looked. Needless to say, the end product hadn't been that attractive looking. There'd been a few that had ended up only half covered, and others that had bubbles and spider vines like they'd been dropped and cracked to resemble broken glass. It hadn't been intentional... So, that lead the wigged blonde to look closer for flaws. Magic would create perfection... Without magic would be a hot mess... Or so, that's what logic told her. Maybe Liv was way off base here.

Hmm. They both looked evenly dipped with an illustrious candied sheen to them. Maybe she was being tricked... Ugh, she'd have went in for a taste, but if she smeared her lipstick, this was one girl that was going to be severely ill. Smells, then. She'd have to rely on smells...and maybe slice them in two. Get a look at the insides... Carefully inching her face closer, Olivia pushed the bottom length of her wig out of the way, leaning to take a long, deliberate wiff!. She....couldn't instantly tell a difference? They both smelled like cherry candy. Not to mention her nose was already compromised by so many other different smells around the classroom. So, that was most likely going to be a bust from the get go.

The Gryffindor obviously needed a closer look; magnified!style. "Oculo Focalis." After swishing and tapping on her closed eyelid, Liv slowly blinked them back open. BLINK BLINK... It was the oddest sensation at first but it wore off, eventually! Noooow, let's see...

Oh... there were some air bubbles on the inside of the one...a few indents in the candied coating that wasn't 100% visible to the naked eye. Very small. Minuscule, but clear to her magnified gaze. "Huh." Snagging a piece of parchment, she began writing.
Originally Posted by Shanners View Post
Well..that was one way to stop Professor Marchand in his tracks. With a grin and a wink, Roopunzel had gone to sit down properly leaving the man to think about all of the effort that had gone into this outfit and if he asked...Rooney would tell him that it wasn't just for this class. Because surely, everyone knew that his costume week was done for Halloween every year since his first year and sometimes even through the boring months of the year. Once upon a time, he too had dressed as Elphaba, but he thought that Olivia had it down to the capital T in Trott.

He had noted the reactions of other students in his short walk to sit because the green witch, taking out a notebook (of course wrapped in a purple film with the yellow sun embossed into it) he wrote those very reactions down and the name of a certain Hufflepuff staring over at him. Actually, Roopunzel went as far as to smile and wave in Derfael's direction. Hellloooooo little sweetpea! Eyes back to his love now, Roo grinned wide. "I'll let you use my magic hair if you show me your spell book, Miss Trott." It was completely a fair trade, right? Or was it just him that thought that?

Professor Marchand was addressing them now and starting the class and so Roopunzel set up his desk, frying pan included. Frying pan to the left, wand to the middle and notebook on the right. Perfect. Oooooh apples! Roopunzel SQUEALED and applauded for the Pirate at the head of the classroom and taking complete control of everything going on in here. How wonderful of him. Bravo, brava!

Roo placed both of the apples on his desk onto the frying pan so he could observe them completely side by side and have full rotation easily using it -- note to self: consider carrying frying pan around on a daily basis. Neither one stood out to him to look significantly different, but that was the good thing about this, right? That they were SUPPOSED to look the same. The intention was for everything to be the same with them, yes? Otherwise what was the point of them trying to pick the apples apart to discover which was which. "Sir Pirate?" His hand went up in the air, fingers wiggling and gold nail polish showing for the first time properly. "I'm sure you'll accept my inability to bite these apples with that kind heart of yours." Perhaps it was the rugged look. Perhaps Roopunzel had a heart flutter for this Professor in particular. "I wouldn't want a repeat of Snow White and her poisoned apple, I much want to see the lights this year from my tower." HAH. Rooney lived in a tower, too!

Those very golden tipped fingers felt across the skin of the apples and then smelt them. Ah, the one on the right had an almost...artificial apple scent. Only slightly, an after-smell if anything. He wondered if it would have an aftertaste, too. Just something to think about, because he wasn't going to be taking a bite out of the apples. If something was to happen, then it certainly wouldn't be true to his Roopunzel narrative. Further inspection was definitely needed, and that was why the Head Boy was now juggling with the apples at his desk. One had an easier bounce, but the other followed the perfect curve for this activity. Hmm....
Miss Phillips's magnification spell earned an approving smile from the professor. That was very shrewd thinking on her part! But what was that Gaston's dark head whipped around as someone addressed him as "Sir Pirate". "Aye, love?" he replied before he knew who it was. Then he saw Mr. Bronwyn Princess Rapunzel's hand in the air. "Perish the thought, Princess Rapunzel! There will be no princesses poisoned on my watch!" See, he could act the part too! He started to turn away but saw the apple juggling out of the corner of his eye and laughed. The things these kids came up with!

Text Cut: Althea, Katy, Teddy, Olivia, Shay, Etta, Ava, and Jessa
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Althea returned Derf's wave with a smile and a quick wave of her own; the enigma continued to perplex the fifth year. She'd really have to sit down and have a conversation with him. Her eyes dropped down to the newly appeared apples, she cast a curious glance around the room before looking at Professor Manchard. Interesting.

Picking up one the apple on her right, she examined it carefully, and started jotting down some quick descriptions and things that she noticed about it. Tentatively, she took a sniff, jot down the sort of sweetness that exuded from the apple, and then placed it back down. She repeated these steps with the apple to her left, taking a critical look at the overall shape and trying to spot any subtle differences it might have. Manchard was a lot of things, but Althea had to give it to him; he was talented. Her hand moved to write down that the apple to her right was a tad bit rounder than the one to the left. She paused at that, and frowned, picking up both apples and looking at their shapes carefully before amending her notations.
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Katy smiled hugely when Althea slid into the seat beside her, and she leaned over to bump shoulders with the taller girl. It was amazing that Althea recognized who she was supposed to be, but more importantly, it was amazing that she liked it! Some people would feel mocked, although Katy obviously only had the utmost respect for Kenning Number Two. "I figured if you were gonna be Cat-y, then I'd better be Althea."

And then class began, and Katy's attention was consumed by the apples on the desk in front of her. Candied apples, pristine and delicious and just the slightest bit sticky. And one hundred percent not allowed, if her mother had anything to say about it. She picked up her quill and leaned in close, studying the apples from an inch away. Counting the spots and freckles and bruises. Checking the symmetry. Observing the thickness of the candy coating across the whole surface. Hmm.

She sat up suddenly and jotted a few notes to herself. The apple on the right was too perfect, the coating too even. The smells were the same, as far as she could tell, although the right one seemed almost overripe and the scent was slightly sweeter. Was that because it had been aged magically and perhaps a bit too much? Interesting.
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Teddy sunk in her seat, awkwardly smiling at the boy who claimed to have her face on a shirt. How endearing? She was starting to wonder if Jagan had one. Well, a supportive sister should.

She picked up one of the apples, closely observing it for any details that could give away the hand made apple. Her fingers ran over both of the apples, looking for any dents, bumps, or bruises. She jotted down quick notes on a parchment.

Next, using a spell, she cut both apples in half to observe the insides. Teddy held up one slice of each up to her nose, noting any different scents between them, and then finally took a bite of each.

She savored each, finding one to be more crisp, fresh, and juicier than the other. She could only assume that one was crafted by magic.
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She grinned at Newt (Derf) quickly before becoming slightly worried when he dropped his photo. Olivia was about to offer assistance when she heard that Derf had Etta's face on a shirt? Huh? She blinked momentarily before everything connected in her mind. IMPS. Right, she'd have to congratulate Etta later.

Starting off with a mini-activity? Sounds like fun!! Olivia decided to pick up one of the apples first and use her touch sense to determine if the felt any different. Slight wax coat on this one. Very smooth. Hmm... She placed the apple down and moved on to the second one. Alright. Was there a difference? She ran her fingertips across the apple. Also smooth, slight wax film. But more wax? Conclusion: the apples felt almost the same. There was a slight bump on the second apple. Lifting up the apple, she took a long look at it and noticed the subtle bump. Could this one have been handmade?

She brought apple two up to her nose. It smelt fruity- as you would expect. Apple one is the same. Well... the smell test didn't help. Olivia took a bite out of apple one. Mm.. her eyes widened at the taste. It was perfect. Juicy. Crisp. The perfect combination between sweet and sour and tart. This had to have been made with magic.
SPOILER!!: conclusion

Apple 1- made with magic
Apple 2- handmade
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Shay was busy looking at all of the Halloween costumes when her housemate appeared and sat down beside her. She gave Noelle a smile and an approving nod for her awesome costume. Before she could speak though, the class began. Professor Marchand got right down to business and when two candy apples appeared on her desk, she was pleasantly surprised. "Ooh, jelly apples", she said, while admiring the treats.

So they had to determine which apple was handmade and which one was magically made. Shay wondered what exactly made by magic meant. She knew that you could not conjure food from nothing and one of her classmates asked a question to clarify that point. Fortunately the answer was a positive one. Shay had wondered if the apple had been changed into an apple from some less appealing object. It was good to know combining existing foods was involved.

It was time to get to work. Shay began by labeling her apples A and B. She had to make sure not to mix up the order during her testing process. Deciding to use her visual skills first, Shay looked at the two apples side by side. She picked up her quill and began to write down her observations. First the obvious. Apple A was somewhat smaller than the other one. The candy coating on A was lighter in color than the coating on apple B.......not much, but maybe one shade lighter. Shay picked both apples up and looked at the bottoms. With Apple B, their was a flat sheet of candy coating noted. It was as if the Apple had been dipped in the coating and left to sit on its bottom as it dried. Apple A did not have the flat coating on the bottom. Its coating perfectly matched the apples contours. Now Shay had eaten more than a few jelly apples in her day and now she was leaning toward B as the handmade one.

But the evaluation was far from over. Now was the time to touch. Shay used her fingers to feel all around the apples, one at a time. She noticed that apple A felt stickier than the other one. She also felt occasionally bump in the coating. It was very slight, you could not see it, but could feel it. Apple B had a much smoother feel to it and was not really sticky. Shay paused to document her findings so far and then got back to her comparisons.

It was time for the smell test. One at a time, Shay picked up the apples and took a good whiff. A little unsure, she smelled them again. She couldn't quite put her finger on it, but apple B just smelled right. It had that sweet, sugary, red dye number 40 smell that Shay knew and loved. Apple A just .......just a tiny bit. It just didn't smell quite right to Shay. She was definitely leaning toward A as the imposter. There was one more test that she hadn't tried though. First, Shay updated her notes. Then it was time.

Being new to Hogwarts, Shay did not yet have the fear of eating random food that any sane Hogwatian would have. Besides, she was dying to sample the goodies in front of her. She had her thoughts as to which apple was which. Now, she just needed to confirm them. With great anticipation, Shay raised apple A and took a bite. It was........good. She didn't really notice anything remarkable about it. Then it was time to taste apple B. Shay took a bite and held it in her mouth, savoring it like a wine taster would. This one was good too. Actually, she really couldn't notice much difference between the two apples. Maybe she needed to taste them again. The only difference Shay found was that the consistency of the coating was a little less smooth on apple A, just as she had felt. They both tasted delicious though.

So, her comparison complete, Shay finalized her notes and made her decision. Apple A was the magic apple and apple B was the handmade one. Work done, she continued to nibble on the apples.
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A shirt with her FACE on it? WHAT WHAT NO. That's weird. Etta wasn't sure she wanted anyone walking around her face on their shirt. But then again, the fact that Derf took the time and effort to make t-shirts for her... wasn't that the sweetest? She couldn't help giving him a small smile, nodded and also a thumbs up. "I'd love to see it later, okay? Thank you." Why was he so cute? She almost thought of him as a little brother sometimes.

Now... to the activity.

The girl stared at the apples on her desk, looking extremely thoughtful. Hmm, now.. how to figure this out. She picked the first apple and examined it's surface carefully. It actually.. the colour seemed less dark than the other one, somehow? Okay. First observation. Moving on.. she smelled the fruit before taking a small bite. Huh. It seemed like the real thing, at least. Frowning, she set it down before picking the other one.

Yeah.. this one definitely seemed magical. For one, the colour was so dark and shiny. It looked almost perfect. Interesting.. she smelled it and well.. wait. She frowned and smelled it once again before realising that the smell was rather different compared to the other one. She studied the fruit for another moment or two before taking a small bite. Hmm. It tasted normal. But handmade ones were rarely this perfect so.. this had to be the magical one.

She pulled out her parchment and started to write neatly - Apple one was definitely the handmade one. Apple two was the magical one. She set her quill down and watched other people make their observations.
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Perhaps she was the only one with ridiculous Halloween costume, but never mind. It was original and very out of the box. Ava then paid attention to the Pirate Marchand. Oops, she meant the professor. And they had to examine which apple is handmade and which one is magic-made. Hmmmm.... So, none of these apples are 'real?' Because apples were not made but they grew on a tree.

Eh, whatever.

Taking a look on both apples, The Gryffindor examined at the shape and color of the apples. Hmmm... Let's just named them Apple X and Apple Y. According to her observation, X looked redder and brigther than the other one. It also had a perfect shape. And then she touched that Apple X which was quite firm like a ripe apple. Moving on to the smell, it had a similar scent like her body mist.

Okay, now let's examine the apple Y. So it didn't have a bright red color as the X one but the shape was... kind of perfect too. Heh, Ava didn't know how 'perfect' exactly the apple shape was. She took a sniff of Apple Y and it was not as fragrant as the other one. The texture was quite firm too... Although maybe it's a little bit less firm than apple X? Huh? Now she was confused.
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To say she was pleased with the initial reaction of her bestfriend would have been an understatement. Just LOOK at how thrilled he seemed with that photo in his hand.

Sure...he also looked like he was on the verge of a massive heart attack but Jessa had already factored that in when she decided to hand him the picture. It was in a very populated area and there was a Professor here capable of resuscitating her friend if things really did go badly. Derf was in as safe a place as ever to fangirl that crush of his and Jessa was all about enabling him for as long as she could before his attentions shifted again--as attentions tended to. All it took was someone else. She'd been reading about it, watching it happen among the older students as well.

Fascinating stuff really.

Her job done for now, the Third Year hopped up to get herself some warm apple cider while the Professor gave the instructions. Magic candy apples, eh?

Now back at her seat, Jessa gave them both a once over. It was a good thing the Professor had said they could use up their senses to find the differences because in a case like this one, the young girl's first impulse was to taste. It seemed the most logical route. Lowering her drink, she took the first of two and bit into it. Admittedly it was rather delicious. The kind of candy apple you could really appreciate but she wouldn't know HOW good it was until she bit into the second.

Which....was exactly what she did next.

This was alright too. It crunched about the same but there was just....something about the taste. It wasn't necessarily bland but how did she describe it exactly? The taste wasn't It wasn't as...rewarding to bite into it.

That was the thing with duplicated items, appearance wise they were exactly the same making sight the least reliable sense but not everything could be duplicated.


The fact the second apple wasn't matching up was already enough to seal the deal with her. She felt she could tell which was which.
Gaston went back to his desk, keeping watch over his class. As his bright blue eyes scanned the room, he saw Miss Kenning, Miss Toussaint, Miss Peale, Miss Holden, Miss Kramer, Miss Burton, and Miss Cambridge all studying their apples closely and jotting down notes. He gave each of the girl an approving smile. This was exactly the kind of work ethic he liked to see in his students!

Text Cut: Olly, Abey, and Derf"
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Olly grinned when the candy apples appeared on his desk. So there was food after all. All he wanted to do was eat them but they were being used for educational purposes so he shouldn't do that. Well, the professor said they could eat them but they had to do other things too. Like try to find out which was made magically. Olly's first instinct was to take out his wand and cast Finite and see what happened, but they had to use their senses so he didn't do that. Instead he leaned his head down so he was at the same level as the apples and stared at them. Now, which one was the imposter?

The first thing he wrote down was Apple A is slightly larger. At least, he thought it was. Even if he wasn't he was sticking with it. Next he picked them both up, one in each hand, and held them for a moment. Next he wrote Apple B is heavier. He leaned his head close and smelled both of them but they smelled pretty much the same so he didn't write down anything about that. Olly took a bite of one and then of the other. Was there a difference? Maybe, but how was he supposed to describe it? He thought about it for a moment and then settled for writing Apple B tastes better. Not particularly scientific because it was based on his own opinion.

What else could he do to test them? Olly thought for a moment then held out both hands and dropped both apples on the ground. Hmm. Apple A is bouncier. Or was that apple B?
Originally Posted by Felixir View Post
Hand-made by elf hands. Got it. THAT part was important because elves were mega good at making food, weren't they? Abey had never seen a problem with the food they made; it was all perfect, and yet had that home made vibe TOO. Which... hmm... made this a little trickier.

So, even though both candy apples were perfect looking, he supposed that the magic-made ones would be EXTRA perfect. And, actually, he was still having issues biting into his, and it was making his hands sticky and he was starting to get a little frustrated with it, so...


BOTH the apples were hard to bite into, right? On account of their hard shells. But Abey wonders, if he could crack those outer shells, if the difference between them then might make any difference. He held them out in front of him, with the one he suspected it was aided by magic (because of how extra smooth and shiny and perfect it was) still on the right, and then he moved them further away from each other before he...


In a move not unlike if one were to CRASH a pair of cymbals together, Abey brought both apples back towards each other at full speed, so that they collided and broke the candy coating. The one on the left seemed to crumble where the coating had apparently been thinner, and crack in a way that looked a little like a smashed window. Bits of the candy coating fell away (or... flew away, whoops) and he could finally see the skin of the green apple inside. Meanwhile, on the right, though the candy HAD cracked a little, it had done so in the cleanest of ways, with a noticeable crack going through it like a lightening bolt. That one. It was that one, it had to be magic; it was TOO perfect, too almost-not-real.

So, now that he had answered THAT question, Abey got to eating the candy apples, now that he had, quite literally, made a dent in them.
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Okay but...Derf was way more curious as to what chocolate frog card the professor had over which of these apples were magically made and which was handmade. Thus, the second year spent the first 10 minutes or so of the activity wiggling about in his seat trying to figure that out, peering over and around the heads of his classmates and such. no avail.

And now once again he wasn't sure what he was supposed to be doing exactly. Other than NOT trusting the apples in front of him. The last time he had had a candied apple he had lost a tooth - literally, it had gotten stuck in the sticky coating and EVERYTHING - so the Hufflepuff was not entirely eager to repeat the experience. Besides, mum had said tooth fairies stopped coming to visit you after you were 10.

Thankfully Abey drew his attention, as the Gryffindor often did, so Derf was keenly listening to what he was saying to Professor Marchand. He had to admit he was a tiiiiiiiiny bit confused still, but since the professor had said they would talk about it all later he figured he ought to wait. He was trying out this whole patience thing, you see. Trying...and with moderate success.


Ahem...anyway. was he going to get this accomplished without using his sense of taste?

Smell came first, naturally, as it had done while receiving his first wand. Giving apple number one a big ol' wiff, Derf meditated on the smell...but really it was just mostly sweet. Like...really sweet. Sweet in the way that made him WANT to lick it to try...but no. No trusting the food here. Especially with this dodgy set up they had going on here. So he followed his nose to apple number two - catching the wave and such of the pretty new girl with looooooooong blonde hair and feeling his cheeks burn a little - and gave it a good smell as well. Hmmmmmm...waxy? Did it smell...waxy? Alternating between both apples for a time, sniffing and unsniffing and then sniffing some more, he came to the conclusion that apple number two did indeed smell more waxy than the first.

If apple number two was fake...then it ought to SOUND different...right?

Picking it up by the stick, Derf decided to test his theory...and started hammering it upon the top of his desk.


Iiiiiiiiiinteresting. Waxy and sort of spongy when least that was how the vibrations felt in his arm. Solid but...not really solid. Kind of like jumping in a bouncy castle.
Gaston couldn't help but chuckle a little as he watched Mr. Thomas-Borzekowski drop both of his apples. He had to admit, he never would've thought to test them by dropping them. Blink, Blink. And what was Mr. Botros doing? It looked like he was trying to use his apples as a pair of cymbals. He shook his head, smiling to himself. Well, he supposed that was one way to figure out which apple was magicked. Merlin's beard, what was all that noise?! The professor's head jerked up as he heard thinking and splunking noises, and his eyes landed on Mr. Ashbury-Hawthorne whacking his apples against the desk. These kids came up with some creative testing methods, he had to hand it to them!

After a few more minutes had passed, Gaston glanced at his watch again. It was time to wrap up the activity. "Class, your time is up," he addressed the group and waited a few moments for the students to turn their attention to him before going on. "If you still need more time to examine your apples, you'll have that opportunity in a moment, but for now we must move on."

"A moment ago, Mr. Botros raised an excellent point about Gamp's Law of Elemental Transfiguration," he continued. "This law states that magic cannot conjure food out of nothing; there must be some sort of existing physical base to act as a springboard for the magic. For example-" He pulled a small bag of apples out from behind his desk and set a few apples on the desk. "Magic can be used to duplicate food-" He cast a duplication charm on the first apple, and an identical one appeared beside it. "turn it into something else-" Another spell turned one of the apples into a banana. "summon it if you know where to find it-" He summoned one of the apples on Miss Diggory's desk, caught it in the hand that wasn't covered by a hook, and gently placed it back where it came from. "alter its properties-" The professor pointed his wand at three apples in rapid succession. One separated into slices; a long red peel unfurled and fell away from the second, and the core popped out of the third.

"Magic can also be used to combine existing foods to create a new dish," Gaston went on, "which is how the magicked candy apples were made and what you'll be doing later on." He took a piece of red candy out of his pocket and unwrapped it as quickly as he could one-handed. With a wave of his wand, the candy melted, and another wave spread it evenly over the last apple he had on his desk. He gave the class a few minutes to process the information he'd just given them and to take notes. "Now, with this information and the findings form your examinations in mind, which of your apples do you think was made with magic? Please back up your guess with details from your notes."

OOC: You have ABOUT 24 HOURS (8:30 PM EDT May 22) to answer this question. You may also use this time to catch up on the mini activity.
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