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The whole costume thing was absurd and if she had the energy she would remind Marchand just how ridiculous he was being. Althea opted to keep her uniform - because who had time to get a costume??? during fifth year?? - but spruced it up by donning a cat ears styled headband. Festive! To make it even more cute, she'd added some fake flowers and called it a day.

Helga, give her strength!

The fifth year made her way into the classroom and blinked at the array of costumes before her. Wow. Amazing. She was truly shocked. Glancing at the apple cider - no snacks?? this was already going to be so enjoyable - she made her way past the table, looked Professor Marchand square in his eyes, took note of his appearance, wanted to ask him why he didn't just cancel class if he was only half-alive (but thought better of it,) and greeted him as politely as she could. With a small smile, she said, "Hello Professor, you look...well." She had cat ears, therefore she was catty. And with that, she swiveled on her heels and chose a seat far off to the side and sat down. She wondered briefly if she would make it through the class or not.
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