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"Derf! Derf! Derf!" Jessa had spotted her bestfriend heading into the Charms classroom as she'd turned onto the corridor and wasted no time bursting into a run. It was a little difficult to do with her lab coat flapping behind her causing some amount of drag but in short order the Ravenclaw had skidded to a stop inside the Charms classroom. "Derf! I've gotten you a brilliant present!"

She took a moment to readjust her goggles and readjust her gloves (could you tell she was a SCIENTIST today???) before hurrying right by everyone and over to her seat by Derfael Mitchell Ashburry-Hawthorne.

It wasn't to say that she was ignoring everyone else in the room, hardly, but rather that she was very pleased with herself in the moment and knew her friend would be very pleased with what she had to offer as well, leaving her oblivious to everything else. Jessa threw herself into her seat, briefly waving at Stasya who was stood by the boy before digging deep into her pocket and bringing out a certain picture of a certain Ilvermorny Champion.

Oh! "Nice costume Professor!" She said by way of greeting for the man before her full attention turned to him again. "Eno took this, said I could have it and now I'm giving it to you. You're absolutely welcome and I look forward to whatever results this may bring about." Yes, best bestfriend sitting right here. He was soooo lucky she remembered.

And what was that in the back? A treat for them? She'd get that in a minute. Right now she was focused on whatever reaction her friend would offer. WELL?
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