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Originally Posted by ChanceCoeur View Post
At the end of term last year, Noelle had stumbled on the creative study room. It was the first time she had officially met Althea. They ended up eating and painting rather than studying, but Noelle was heading to the room today to study.

Entering the room, she expected it to be empty... only it wasn't. Head Boy Rooney was reading here. Hmmm.... he wouldn't mind sharing the space right? The library was already full of students studying.

"Hey Rooney." Noelle said quietly as she headed to the other room. Why was there only one couch in here?? She placed her bag on the floor and pulled out the book she was going to use for studying. Putting it on the canvas, she opened it to the pages she needed it. This is what you called making use of your surroundings.

Now time to study.
Pulling out her quill, she almost dropped her ink and proceeded to make a quick grab for it. Only, she hit the other canvas and that went crashing down... along with everything she had just set up.

Rooney? Rooney? Hey, that was his name! Looking up from his book, Roo was greeted with the sight of one of the Gryffindor Prefects. "Hey Miss Noelle! How are you doing? Settled back in nicely?" It was nice to know how his team were getting on being back at school - they had been his team before he became Head Boy and now they really were his team. His and Rula's. And it was a great bunch and he had every belief in them to be able to keep the castle running as smoothly as they could alongside the Professors. People didn't tell you how much there was to being a Prefect, really they didn't.

He sat up from his spot just in time to see the clutz Miss Noelle cause absolute carnage with what she had set up. Roo gasped. Ay yi yi. Immediately, Rooney pulled out his wand and cleaned up the ink mess for her before cracking up laughing. "What. On. Earth?!"

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