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34. Point Me

It had possibly been a very bad idea to come exploring on her own. But it was early in the morning and her parents and the rest of the team were still sleeping. The sun was now peeking over the mountain; sunshine so warm just gracing her skin.

Rachel set off, trekking through the grass damp with dew. She didn’t know how long she walked but this is what she loved- being out in nature.

And among plants.

There was always so much to see!

The eighteen year old lost track of the time. It wasn’t until her stomach rumbled slightly that she realised she needed to get back to camp. But where was she? Was she lost? Rachel tried not to panic as she tried to retrace her steps. She had stopped to take a closer look at so many of the flora.

“Point me!’’ Rachel had only just thought of this. This spell should help! It did! The wand lying flat on her palm pointed north. And north is where camp was!
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