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Originally Posted by Ama View Post
Edita shut her eyes and shook her head. There was an indignant hand in the air as her hair moved with her actions. "That's not gonna happen. Excuse me, Ezra, but not everyone is multi-talented. I can only do so much. I am magical but still human, okayyy?"

How did he expect her to be athletic, hard-working, motivated, a good friend, good-looking according to some circles, and also a good cook? It just wasn't feasible.

"Precisely," she replied and bopped Ezra's nose. "Maybe there's hope for you yet before you turn 30."
Ezra leaned back, taking in her theathrics. His eyebrows rose again and he sounded serious when he said, "I didn't think you'd be the kind of person to place limits on yourself, Edita," but his brown eyes looked amused. "Guess people change."

He did not move when she leaned in close. Instead he brought up one of his hands and used his index finger to dig into her cheeks where dimples sometimes took place. Then he let go. "That's a long way yet." Five years and some change exactly. "Better get used to other people's opinions about how I look."
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