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Originally Posted by Oesed View Post

That sounded a lot like an order Ezra wasn't sure he could follow actually forever but he supposed he could try. It wasn't like he was eager to stare at oblivion in the face and meet it. Or Him. Her?

Ezra swatted her hand away gently, "That hurt. Gonna use my lottery money to hire someone and sue you for damages." He touched one of his knees to hers. "Work's the same. I go there, then leave to take pictures, then go back to the office. Then I get paid." He made it sound like it was way more boring than it actually was. It wasn't even boring at all. "How's the modeling life treating ya, Ed?"
"You can't sue me. I'm a hard working modern day witch woman with two jobs," Edita replied as she rested her check on the roundness of her shoulders. She looked up at him through her lashes for a dramatic effect. "Plus I've been told I'm kind of pretty and we both know pretty people don't get sued." That was a huge lie but she would stick to it.

She moved her foot and tap-tapped it against the aide of his shoe.

"Your work sounds boring. Ready to quit yet? Wanna model with me?" It was kind of a joke but not really. "Eh!!" Edita trapped her hands between her thighs and leaned forward as she hummed pensively. "It's alright. I can buy lots of food now and I get free clothes sometimes."
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