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Originally Posted by Oesed View Post

Edita's palette of facial expressions was so extensive Ezra wondered, not for the first time, if she'd been gifted with more facial muscles than the average human being. It was difficult not to laugh, and so he did.

Well, he didn't laugh so much as he cackled, and was smart enough to take some steps back until he felt the fountain's edge and took a seat. He leaned forward, resting his elbows atop of his kneecaps. "I don't actually have to do anything actually, I think, except for dying at some point." Ezra looked up at her, beaming. "I also happen to have plenty of iron. I would know, I take supplements."
Ezra did a lot of cackling. Edita had pointed it out a few times only to have him cackle some more. She wasn't sure if this was something he did regularly or it was just a reaction to certain things she'd say. She had known him for years but there was never a way of completely knowing a person, was there?

"Okay, lastly?" She said in a higher pitch and red faced. "You don't get to die either. Even as a lie." Edita took a moment to be quiet at least while she took a seat next to Ezra on the fountain. She sat there a moment still quiet and bumped her shoulder against his gently. "How's work?" she asked in a gentle tone bopping his cheek with her index finger before growing distracted with his sideburns.

A sly smile stretched her lips as she gave them a little pull.
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