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Default Scene 2: Valentine's Day! <3
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Connor Anders and Addison Donovan disliked each other from the moment they met each other on the Hogwarts Express during their very first ride to Hogwarts. Though the eventually dated and became married to each other, their path to that part of their lives was a rocky one.

Connor Anders (FearlessLeader19)
Addison Donavon (Kolyander)

Scene 2:
Itís Valentine's Day in 2073. Sixteen year olds Connor and Addison have begun dating recently and this is their first Valentine's Day together. The two have decided to meet in Hogsmeade and spend the day there together.


Addison Donavon was excited. It was her first true date outside of the walls of Hogwarts and on Valentine's Day with her boyfriend none-the-less! She had spent the better part of the morning trying to figure out just what to what and then how to fix her hair. Normally this wasn't something she cared about much but today was different, Connor and her were going to Hogsmeade.

After what was probably hours the blonde had fixed her hair long hair up in loose curls and pinned the front back with a red clip. She had on a warm red sweater and a black skirt with warm black boots. Looking good was one thing but looking good AND making sure she wasn't going to freeze was important too. A touch of lipstick later and she was ready.

She was now bouncing on her heels trying to keep warm on High Street where the two had agreed to meet. Yes, she had a warming charm in place and she also had on her gloves, hat and coat but that didn't stop the cold winter winds from hitting her face making her cheeks bright red.

Now where was Connor and why had they agreed to meet outside?!
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