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It was so hard to stand still!

Which was why she wasn't. Nope, not at all.

BOUNCING! On the balls of her feet once again, the brightest of smiles on her face. She watched in awe as the first one of two kids went up to be sorted. Addi didn't make a sound or even acknowledge the look at was given to her as the boys name was called and he moved forward. Connor, huh? Well alright then. His name didn't matter because she would be keeping away from him.

When the hat shouted Slytherin Addi glanced to her brother only. Of course he was cheering for his newest house mate. UGH.

Several more names before finally hers was next.

"Donavon, Addison!"

Happily she moved forward perching herself up on the stool, the hat set on her falling down over her eyes. Welp this was just lovely not being away to see.

"Ah, another Donavon, I see. A prankster like your brother, adventurous, smart. Where shall I put you..." the Sorting Hat spoke to her. Anywhere but in Slytherin with my brother... "Oh? So you don't want to be with your brother and follow in the footsteps of the rest of your family?" Addi shook her head. "Better be-"


The little blonde practically beamed as the hat was removed from her head and she slid off her chair heading towards the table of red and gold where she was being cheered for. This wasn't without a glance towards the snake table in which she stick her tongue out at her brother or maybe Connor too...who was really to say whom it was directed at.
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