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~ Mrs Steve Harrington ~ Friendly Neighbourhood Hufflepuff ~

Connor smirked and tilted his head at her. Did Addison really think that she could fool him? Even so, he had to admit that he was a hint grateful to be with someone he knew. He had forgotten how strange it felt when doing something new... or rather, being someplace new. "I think I can hear voices,'' he said quietly. "I think it's students filing into the Hall.'' Where they'd be doing their Sorting soon.

Excitement rising once more, Con tussled his hair. He had never been one to keep it neat. Then they were being told to form a line and follow one of the Professors. The boy moved to put himself a head of Addison. "I guess you'll be finding my name out soon enough.'' He couldn't care less if she knew his name.

Just bring on the Sorting!
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