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Addison didn't care if he'd her heard or not. Should he have questioned her she'd speak the honest truth louder. The boy was 'RUDE'.

Luckily for her his rudeness was something she would be getting away from shortly. Once off the train she could hopefully board a different boat then the one he would take, be sorted in a House that he wasn't in and then join her house for the feast. It was going to be amazing!

Addi flashed him a bright smile. So he was excited! Even if it were only for the Sorting it was still something. It counted! "The Sorting if going to be brilliant!" She scuffed at him rolling her eyes. He couldn't keep her waiting any longer even if he'd tried. The second they had exited the compartment she was on her way off the train. Bright blue eyes looking every which way, trying to take in everything all at once. Catching a glimpse of her big brother and his friends she flashed him a huge smile too just to annoy him.

Now where were th-

Oh! Whoever that was over there was calling all the first years. That was her! Addi practically rushed over to join the group that was gathering together to get onto the boats.

Was that boy following her?
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