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~ Mrs Steve Harrington ~ Friendly Neighbourhood Hufflepuff ~

Connor shrugged. He had heard Addison's mutter but did not care one bit. In all honesty, he didn't care what persons thought of him. He was who he was. He also wasn't going to apologise though he was still trying to wrap his head around the fact that the girl had woken him up.

He rolled his eyes as he watched her. Did she think she was going on a date? Girls and their getting ready... they always took so long.

"Only a little and that's because of the Sorting.'' It was the truth. He was excited to be placed in Slytherin like he knew his parents had been. "I can see that you're really excited so don't let me keep you waiting.'' He was being a little nice to her just this once because she had woken him up. Con led the way off the train.

How were they supposed to know where to go next?
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