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Addi wrinkled her nose when he snapped at her. "Rude..." she muttered quietly under her breath. She had been the nice one and tried talking to him...had even woken him up when they arrived and all he was doing was being mean. Stupid boy.

She was a girl. Even if she enjoyed playing pranks, climbing things and rough housing sometimes it didn't mean she didn't enjoy doing her hair, nails and looking pretty too. Hence the few moments of fixing the braid in her hair and looking at herself in the window. There was nothing at all wrong with this.

"Aren't you excited?" she asked simply glancing over her shoulder at him from her spot at the window. Blink. Blink. Seriously? Gosh this boy was mean. She wouldn't even answer that comment. And now he was bossing her around too. SIGH. With a roll of her blue eyes she gestured for him to get moving then as she made her way forward to follow.
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