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Ugh, that smirk. How she was already beginning to dislike it. That and that grin and attitude of his. Hardly on the train an hour and this boy was annoying her nearly as much as her older brother does. A plan. Him. Addison couldn't help but laugh at this. The laughter quickly died and was quickly replaced with a frown. "Don't call me little. You're a firstie too." She hated when Evan called her little and hearing it from someone her own age only made it bother her more.

"With any luck you're House will be very far away from mine. The less I see of you, the better," she stated flatly rolling her eyes at him. Blue eyes turned fully then onto the ball of fluff which was her cat that had once again stretched out on the seats taking up nearly the entire space. A small smile was given at the cuteness of it. Addi shifted to have her back against the window, feet pulled up onto the seat. "Why should I? Such a smart boy such as yourself can surely find a way of getting himself up when he needs to be." There was noway she'd wake him up after how he was acting towards her.

This boy better learn fast who was the smarter one when it came to the two of them. Helping him was not gonna happen.
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