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Bor-ing! Enjoy things by himself. Yup, definitely boring. Where was the fun in doing everything alone? Sure Addi could understand that not everyone liked the same things and sometimes you just wanted to do things by yourself but not ALWAYS. She shook her head again voicing her opinion, "that sounds completely boring." Either this kid was completely lying to her or he hadn't the faintest clue about what being a friend really meant. "To talk with. To do things you like with. So you're not lonely. Having friends is amazing." Someday he'd realize what all he was missing out on.

"You're not going to fool me," the eleven year old stated evenly. She could already see him for the rude boy that he truly was.

Addison's attention turned to watch the scenery fly by outside of the compartment window when the boy had fallen quiet again. This time his silence wasn't a big deal. She had gotten him to talk even if he was a jerk. On his own too with her even saying anything. Small shoulders lifted into a shrug. "I doubt it. The ride is pretty long. My brother once told me that we won't be there until nearly dusk." A good seven or so hours.
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