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If there was one thing Addison did was she called things as she saw them. If someone was rude she wasn't afraid to say so. If she didn't like someone she would admit it and back herself up with a reason for it as well. As of right now this boy was just rude but the eleven year old blonde could chalk it down to many reasons that the boy could be acting this way. Her biggest idea being that really he was just upset and lonely and didn't want to seem weak or girly so instead was acting stupid. Mhmm.

"Being nice is how you'll make friends. Hogwarts is huge and you're going to want at least one friend there to stand by you," she replied smartly shaking her head a little to move the hair that was falling into her eyes. "Keep acting like you are and you won't have any." She was going to have lots. How wouldn't want to be her friend? Just look at her. Smart, funny, cute, not RUDE.

A pair of small shoulders lifted in a shrug. "If you're going to be that way I think I'd rather not know."
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