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Today was the best day in the history of all days! Well alright the best day ever was the day of her birth of course and then getting her, no wait. Receiving her wand was the best day EVER! This was the second day ever. Mhmm. She would be boarding the train for her very first time ever at Hogwarts! Hopefully she wouldn't get sorted into her brothers house...dealing with him at home was more then enough.

The tiny eleven year old had waved her goodbyes to her parents and clambered up onto the train with her cat smoky gray furry cat Cole in her arms, her trunk being pulled behind her. Within seconds she had completely lost sight of her older brother and therefore had no idea where she was going. A glance back and forth had her tugging the trunk towards the luggage compartment and dropping it off there before making her way to find somewhere to sit.

Which lead her to where she was now sat inside an empty compartment, Cole stretched out in all his fluffy glory at her side. The bright blue eyed child shifted onto her knees beside the window, in her red and black shorts and shirt to watch the people outside. Could the train go now please? She was more then ready to see where they were going and to finally get there!

Making friends and candy could wait for now!
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