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Post Newt Scamander's brother's letter reveals Grindelwald search, possible films' casting

A rather curious artifact from the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them film might shed a bit of detail about Grindelwald and his threat in Europe before entering (and hiding) in the United States.

During the press preview of Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood's new Fantastic Beasts and Harry Potter exhibit, SnitchSeeker's team got the chance to look around all the sets, costumes, and props (which can be viewed here), but spotted something of note - a letter written to Newt Scamander by his older brother, Theseus.

Theseus Scamander was briefly mentioned in the first Fantastic Beasts movie, during the grand International Confederation of Wizards scene housed in the MACUSA Pentagram, as one member referred to him as, "Theseus Scamander, the war hero?"

Theseus, as actor Colin Farrell revealed during SnitchSeeker's set visit a year ago, was a British Auror with whom his character, Percival Graves, corresponded (being the American equivalent). Newt's older brother was also mentioned as a hero during World War I, as stated above and in the movie.

The letter, seen below, shows what Theseus wrote to Newt (though a few words were obscured by other props). Most notable are his comments about Grindelwald going into hiding, and even more - Theseus was put the task of finding and apprehending Grindelwald, who was causing mayhem and murder across Europe.

Well, little brother,

I don't know how much you have heard wherever you are about what's going on in jolly old Europe but this chap Grindelwald has been making a lot of noise since you have been away.

Charismatic blighter, but the Ministry doesn't like him and nor does the International Confederation.

He has upset a few of the big wheels and he's gone underground. I have been chosen to go away and ferret him out. _______ at the chance to be picked, actually, because the whole _______ want to be on this case and it's taken some _______ hard work to reach this status.

_______ wishing you well - wherever you are. _______ whatever beastly quests you are undertaking!

Best regards,

SPOILER!!: Theseus Scamander's letter to Newt, in hi-res.

The letter was designed by MinaLima with information they undoubtedly received from J.K. Rowling (or it may have even been in her original screenplay for Fantastic Beasts).

The question now remains: will Theseus Scamander be featured in the upcoming Fantastic Beasts sequels, still on the search for Grindelwald (who was already caught at the end of the first movie)?

His character could be another major casting for the sequel, out in November 2018, along with young Albus Dumbledore. Neither J.K. Rowling nor any of her works revealed how much older Theseus is than Newt (who was 29 years old at the time of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them), but it could be confirmed later in the saga.

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