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Originally Posted by ArianaBlack View Post
"Dumped you already?" he said with a knowing smirk. "That's a shame," Heh. He knew exactly what she meant, but would that stop him from trying to aggravate her further? Probably not, no. Jacob couldn't resist. She made it so very easy. And for all it was worth, he didn't hate her yet. Just questioning her sanity because who in the hell would willingly hang around Cal?!?

"Ouch, Curly," he said taking a small step back in exaggeration.

What in the hell was she doing looking through trash anyways? Jacob was kind of hoping Cal was hiding in there just because it'd be HILARIOUS, but also unlikely. If only. "S'cute how you can recognize my voice like that though," he winked. Almost impressive, even. Had he really made that much of an impression? Good.

While....she didn't hate Jacob, not even a little bit (for whatever reason, if you didn't sufficiently annoy Jacobi, she didn't consider you a friend), she sneeeeeeered at his comment. "Oh shut UP, Jacob." She turned back to the rubbish bin. There was an interesting little knick-knack calling her name and she made sure it wasn't gross before putting it into her bag. "I like to collect old magical items that don't work anymore and turn them into decorations and stuff," she explained, genuinely, before he could make fun of her anymore.

"And of COURSE I would recognize your voice, I've been spying on you to figure out how you speak so I can sufficiently write your essays for you, stupid," she snapped back, smirking over at him. "You only said I had to do your homework. Not that it had to be good..." and the night he had promised her with Cal...had gone and passed. There was nothing he could do about it.

She didn't hate the nickname Curly. Not by any means.

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