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Default For Chrissy/Clara
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Chloe was THRILLED when her sister agreed to be Poison Ivy this year. Ever since she was five Chloe had been some iteration of Selina Kyle, aka Catwoman, but the older she got the more people jumped on that bandwagon. Lots of Catwomen here. But she didn't do Selina Kyle for the leather and shoes, no she did Selina Kyle because she was a PARAGON of feminist values. A hero of hers, to be honest. And so this year she had finally gotten her sister to join in on the fun. Gotham Sirens the pair of them. They were only missing a Harley Quinn but there was always next year.

The only thing that Chloe was not THRILLED about was the way that Clara presented her Poison Ivy. The body paint to clothes ratio was not ideal but she would take what she could get from her sister. Personally, Chloe was VERY clothed.

She tugged on Clara's arm and whispered, "More paint for you?"
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