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SPOILER!!: Olly and Bentley!
Originally Posted by Davvy_Wavvy View Post
Bentley's crafting skills laid entirely with his camera and extended a bit to finding the right frame for his pictures. That was it though. He didn't make things or was even interested in making things but this was where his cousin was, so this was where he founded himself.

He gave a nod to Olly and stopped next to Blaise.

"whyyyyyyyyy are you at the craft station? I didn't know you were any good with your hands..." Bentley made a face at Blaise.
Originally Posted by littledhampir View Post
SPOILER!!: Blaise and Bentley

Olly was spreading the frosting over the cookie when he felt someone sit next to him. He looked up and smiled at his friend. "Hey Blaise. I haven't actually tried one yet but they are cookies so I'd assume they're good." Now that he was wondering about it, he wanted to try one immediately. So he stopped decorating the one he was working on a popped it in his mouth. Even though it didn't look the best it was still covered in frosting so that was what really mattered to make it taste good.

"Good," was his answer. Of course it was good. But Olly still wanted to decorate one so he grabbed another and started on it. He glanced up when another boy joined him and smiled. "Hey Bentley. Looking for some face paint?" The question was for both of them, actually.

Olly had a point there. Cookies were always good, especially if he was right in assuming these were put together by the elves but that didn't stop him from lowering his marigold material in favour of assessing his friend's reaction to the treat. Good? Very good? He had to try one good? Naturally, he'd need to know for himself so at the boy's verdict, Blaise reached for his own cookie and bit into it. "Very good." He decided.

The Gryffindor shifted in his seat at his cousin's approach, scoffing at his words. "I happen to be VERY good at this craft business." Blaise affirmed, lifting his work so far. If you squinted...and dimmed the lights....and spun around really fast it DEFINITELY looked like a marigold. If you didn' looked like a lump of colourful paper.

He lowered his 'creation' at Olly's suggestion. Face paint. Funny how he'd forgotten that was probably one of the main activities at this table. "I don't think anyone would protest to us redoing his face--even if it's only for the night." And a mocking smile was cast at Bentley. That was for insinuating that he might have been rubbish at this making things business no matter how true it was proving in the moment.
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