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Originally Posted by MadMadamMalfoy View Post
Gaston was not usually one for loud, over-the-top costumes, but in this case he'd make an exception. After all, it was Tacowe'en! Looking around the room, he noticed everybody was in costume and felt a little less self-conscious. He probably would've stood out worse if he didn't dress up! And at least his costume wasn't as out there as some of the ones he'd seen so far...

For tonight's festivities, he was dressed as the Beauty and the Beast character who shared his name (more for the students' enjoyment than anything else, as he detested the character), with one slight variation. He'd opted for something with longer sleeves than the original outfit to hide the burn scar running down his left arm. Luckily this costume had been fairly easy to put together. He already had most of it lying around in the back of his closet, and he didn't have to change his hair or eye color to look the part, though he did charm his hair to make it long enough for a ponytail.

Gaston's eyes scanned the room. The prefects had done an amazing job with the decorations... and well, everything else too! He could hardly tell this place was normally a dungeon. The thought crossed his mind to award points to all four houses for their efforts, but he wasn't sure if he was allowed to give points for something like that. So for now, he decided to settle for congratulating the prefects as he saw them.

The Charms professor made his way to the crafting station. But what should he do first? His costume didn't require face-painting, and he didn't know how to even begin to decorate a sugar skull. His eyes fell to the paper marigolds, and an idea occurred to him. But were the professors even allowed to use the craft supplies or were they there exclusively for the students? Oh well, he supposed one wouldn't hurt...

He picked up a sheet of orange paper and tried to neatly fold it into a flower shape, but it wound up looking more like a sea anemone than a marigold. Wow, paper crafting was certainly not his strong suit! Of course, he could always just pull out his wand and transfigure the paper into a flower, but where's the fun in that? The idea was probably to do it by hand, rather than by wand.

Oh well, maybe a kind student would turn up and show him how to make a paper flower... or at least he hoped so!

Tugging a bit on her attire, particularly around the waist area that was a bit more form fitting than the seventh year was used to, Paige made her way around the party looking for something to occupy here time...and distract. Brian would be meeting up with her eventually, team Auror being in full effect, but until then...

"Hello, professor," Paige greeted the Charms professor with a shy smile as she eyed the colorful paper in his posession and picking up a few pieces herself. She tended not to work with tissue paper, mostly because it did not keep it's shape the way parchment did and most of the time she was paper folding was to change her letters into flowers and send them off, so she turned it over a few times in her hands. "Who...are you dressed as?" If he didn't mind her asking.

Picking up eight sheets of paper and laying them one on top of the other, because she was feeling making a rather large marigold at the moment, the Hufflepuff began methodically folding them accordion style, pressing down firmly after each fold.

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