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She was here. The only thing that had kept her from being there earlier was her makeup. It had required a LOT of time to get done or well mostly done. Everything but her face had been taken care of. Sure she could do it herself but why? That's what the face painting station was for and she was going to make great use of it. Mhmm.

So after making a very quick tour through each area that the Prefects had decorated making sure all was in place Hady made straight for the crafting station. By the time she reached it she realized she wasn't alone, a wide smile forming on her face at who was there. "Incapable of doing your own makeup Jack?" she teased softly coming up behind him and brushing her fingers against his as she moved around to be in front of him. "Want some help?" The boyfriend had to know she would have no trouble helping him with the face painting. It was time to prove her art skills.
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