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Originally Posted by Toddles View Post
Toddles comes out and helps master Meyer. Toddles helps water plants. Toddles likes plants. Soo pretty and smelly. Toddles like smells. Toddles likes helps outside. Toddles loves smells of things.
Sometimes Owen cooked. Sometimes Owen ate. Sometimes Owen jogged or ran...and other times Owen visited Professor Myers' self-claimed garden to do a bit of studying or just to chill. It was the perfect place for chilling, he had to admit, especially when Professor Myers was out and about playing his banjo.

So, yea, Owen was there that afternoon, layng on the grass, ankles crossed, one arm behind his head and an opened textbook covering his face. He thought he noticed someone approach so the badger picked up the book from his face, sat up and saw Toddles milling about. "Hey, Toddles. What you up to?"

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