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Originally Posted by Charely Potter View Post

So here the two were, sitting across each other, with a plate of biscuits and tea in between them. Luckily there wasn't a long wait from either before the discussion got started.

Hm. Both of Justin's eyebrows raised at the first sentence that came from Paul's mouth. He then heard the rest of what he said. He sounded hurt, offended even. "Hm.. right.. I'm sorry you're thinking like that." Sipping his tea, "Here's what I think." Before beginning, "I think it's insulting your ego that me taking points from your house after would mean you had less power. You don't have less power than me and I don't have less than you, so you're right that we're both on the same level. That's how I also see it." The fact that a boy actually questioned him over it made his buddy Paul look even smaller. The thought made Justin wish he had taken more points for that. "If I did have more power than you, then I would've made it a rule that you weren't allowed to take points from my own house without my permission when they're misbehaving." Did he see where he was going with this? Justin was sure he did. Paul was a smart one, since he was a Ravenclaw and older than him. Justin couldn't benefit with one less friend if this turned out wrong.

"The Bloody Baron, is a resident of my house. So him being there when there was a ruckus going on definitely means I should to be there as well to see what was going on." He explained this just as calmly, mostly in part to the tea's side effects. "The fact is one of our ghosts, the Baron, was left offended and unwelcome by your house when he was doing what he normally does. Putting a stop to Peeves on a night for Abraham. It just happened to be where your house sits at." But hey, he wasn't going to waste all of his breath protecting the Baron when everyone already heard his side of the story. "We heard why the Baron did that and I get why your students wanted to be left alone.. yet you still only rewarded your house for disrespecting and driving a longtime resident of my house away." That was his main point. "I had no choice but to remind them on the fact. Would you accept the same from me if my house treated the Fat Friar the same way?" Now this was a secret he was wanting to know. Maybe Justin was missing out on something else that would make his point moot? If so, he had to know because he wasn't a mind reader.
Insulting his ego? Paul looked around for whatever ego Justin was speaking of--right, HIS ego. But he waited for Justin to finish his spiel before he spoke. Because he did NOT have a huge ego. A normal sized one, sure. "You majorly undermined my authority, Justin. The students have been talking, apparently. Some little gossip thing they have circulating...said so. So it isn't just me, Justin. it is not just me being crazy or making this a big deal. You stepped on my toes. And I am not happy about it, nor will I pretend you had a right in doing what you did." He sipped his tea calmly.

"Oh codswallop, Justin. I would never have taken points for something so silly. Plus, the BARON pulled the poltergeists over to my table while they were giving Botros a toast. How bloody rude. The Friar would never have done something so ill-conceived. And the Baron is a tough ghost--I doubt his feelings were hurt." After all, since when had the Baron even HAD strong feelings for anything? "And it seemed they were yelling at him because he wasn't listening to their demands. Do you know what it's like to be a Hufflepuff?" he asked suddenly. "What it's like for everyone to think they can...walk all over them? Or that Hufflepuffs will 'sit quietly' while someone treats them with disrespect? No, you don't. You're a Slytherin. And for the just PULL the poltergeist couple aside at THEIR looked bad, Justin. It did. And you can't deny that."

Hmph. MORE Hmph's.
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