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SPOILER!!: Kimi and Gaston
Originally Posted by Saz Hale View Post
Kimi had seen the treehouse when he first came out to the grounds and he knew that he just had to explore it and after he finished climbing the rope ladder he saw that one of the professors was up here as well and said "Hello there Professor" Kimi just wanted to be friendly and meet all the professors
Originally Posted by MadMadamMalfoy View Post
Gaston had never been to this part of the grounds before! All he could do was stare at the treehouse looming in front of him in awe for a few moments. Such beautiful craftsmanship! He would've loved to have one of these when he was a child, but treehouses were one of the many things his overprotective muggle parents didn't allow. He was so distracted that he almost forgot the reason he'd come here: his cat Phantom had run away from him and he thought he saw her come this way. Well so much for a nice relaxing stroll around the grounds!

His eyes darted in all directions until he finally saw a black and white furball casually sitting at the base of the tree. "There you are!" he said, shaking his head disapprovingly. "I hope you've enjoyed the extra exercise..." The cat's yellow eyes turned to him for a split second as he drew closer, but the moment he reached for her, she scaled the nearest tree limb. Gaston scoffed. "Phantom, get back down here!" He was beginning to lose his patience. "NOW!" His words had absolutely no effect... the cat just gave a taunting meow in reply as she jumped onto the rail surrounding the treehouse.

He sighed. Why in Merlin's name was his cat being so difficult today?! She was usually so well-behaved. There was only one thing to do now... He drew his wand, but before he could cast the spell to levitate her down, Phantom dashed inside. Well there goes that idea... there was no telling how many people were in there, and he wasn't about to risk hitting someone with his spell!

Great... now he had to climb up after her! Gaston carefully scaled the ladder and entered the treehouse to find Phantom sitting in front of him, looking satisfied with herself. Ha, I've got you now! he thought, but the cat sped off in the opposite direction in a black and white blur. He turned to follow his pet and suddenly crashed into someone. "Oh, my -! I'm so sorry! Are you alright?" he said without checking to see who he ran into.

When he saw who it was, he took an automatic step back, his blue eyes growing wide and panic-stricken as he stood frozen to the spot as if he'd just been petrified by a basilisk. "Rosalyn..." he gasped. Of all the people he could've run into, why did it have to be her? He hated that she saw him like this... his hair falling into his eyes, his tie askew, and worst of all, his left sleeve had inched up enough to reveal the burn scar on his arm. He quickly held his arm behind his back, hoping she hadn't seen.

"I-I'm sorry... My cat... I..." he stammered once he'd found his voice, frantically trying to fix his hair and adjust his tie. It was only then that he noticed there was a student here too. Merlin, how could things get any worse?! "Hello, Mr. Kovalainen," he greeted the Hufflepuff boy. "Sorry for all the fuss. It seems my cat has decided to run away from me." He glared pointedly at the annoying animal as he turned away, hoping to leave before he could make an even bigger fool of himself. "Never mind, I can always come back to get her later..."

Oh, a student!

Rosalyn smiled as a young boy joined her almost immediately after she had climbed to the top of the treehouse. Seemed like this might be one of the popular hang out spots after all. Even if she was 'older', she definitely didn't feel old and she wanted to stay in touch with the students since they were the main reason why she was here. It was important to get to know them outside of lessons. "Hello," she told the boy with a smile as she tried to remember what his name was. This was so not her strong suit but she was trying really hard to memorize their names in the process of getting to know them. "Your name is Kimi, right?" If she was wrong about this she would feel a little embarrassed but she WAS trying.

At the moment a cat appeared in the treehouse. Eyes widening, Rosalyn watched the creature who seemed to be determined to escape its owner. Before she could try to catch the animal, she ran into said person - or more THEY ran into her. "Gaston!" The poor man was looking frazzled and there was something on his arm though she didn't get a chance to look at it properly. "No worries," she said with a laugh as she waved the accident aside. Things happened and it wasn't as if she had been hurt.

She became thoughtful. "Well, I am sure that we can catch her. Would you like to help us, Kimi?" Three people would have more luck than one.
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