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Originally Posted by kayquilz View Post
He was beginning to wonder if Justin was busy and he should come back later when the man opened his door. Paul nodded at him politely. "May I come in, Justin?" he asked quickly. "We can have some tea and talk?" He proposed gently. As fiery as he had been feeling all night and....leading up to Justin opening the door, he sort of felt..mellowed out now.


And he had so much RAGE planned for this, too. He would handle it, though. He would. "If you're not busy, that is. Being the new flying instructor and all.." which was sort of meant as a joke...but seeing as he was annoyed with Justin right now, the tone might been off and...yeah. oops.
Justin if he wanted to continue thinking would've assumed the worst from his ideas on why Paul was here. Yet they were seeming to vanish. Why? Well, he was polite with him.. Oh right, Head of Hufflepuff. He knew enough time with the Hufflepuffs brought out the soft side in anyone. Not that he would admit this. A man's got to keep some secrets after all. Just not from Justin. Ahem.

He raised his brows at the tone. Okay, maybe he was faking being nice. Well, whatever. They needed to talk anyway. "Fine. I have some biscuits on the table if you want some with it." Letting him in before he followed after to get the tea ready.

Getting some cups Justin poured the warm liquid into them before offering one to Paul as he sat. Face to face. Now who would go first? Well, that was difficult to tell without any ladies in here. Sipping his tea, "So..." He definitely had things to say, but given the tone he received it was clear that it was wanting to slip from Paul's mouth more.


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