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Originally Posted by SilverTiger View Post
Keeping up the conversation while she focused on throwing the dart was actually easier than Kendall had expected, aside from the fact she really hadn’t paid attention to the discussion while she’d actually been throwing. Semantics weren’t generally something she worried about, not when there were all sorts of bigger things to think about. Like her training, her work and just everything. She had grinned a little at the compliment, however, before shrugging. “I don’t think he intentionally set it on us. We’d just been assigned to go over the equipment for the tournament, and it was easy to fix Claudette’s nose,” she replied, still not really seeing it as a serious breach of workplace safety. Nobody had gotten badly injured.

“I think we did,” she confirmed. Except it was hard to be sure when they hadn’t exactly had any real welcome meeting or whatever after that first orientation. At least she hadn’t remembered there being one this year either, so it wasn’t as if they’d been left out. She had nodded when he pointed out the slight miscalculation where her dart had landed, too. She did see how it was off to the side, and she also watched his demonstration quietly. She’d hit the target soon enough. She believed she could and that meant it was entirely possible.
Intentional or not it was still dangerous and he felt still very unnecessary. Things like this didn't seem to happen at his old job, but his old department would have left those type oft hings to the Games people. Interesting how things worked around here. "Well it's just good no one was hurt.. well badly at least." He didn't know who Claudette was, but glad her nose was all healed up.

Oh the power of magic. It was good to be a wizard.

"I wonder if all the department heads are this chill. I mean I like having my freedom, but last term everyone had assignments except me. I got the feeling a bit that my position was just added last year and they weren't to sure what to do with it." Which he wasn't a super fan of, but he was willing to try anything. He was all about the investigation side of immigration, but being the good guy in the new position was nice to. "Do you like your position here?" Since she did say she was only a year in as well.

He picked up the darts and threw one at the center, but it landed just left.
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