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Originally Posted by Bazinga View Post
"I've thought of many things, but getting her to sit down and talk seems to be the difficult part right now. Not that I blame her. It was all my fault and I should deal with the consequences now. " He made his bed and now he was going to lie in it. He now just needed to figure out what roof that would be under.

A friend, that was actually nice to hear right now. "Yes, I'm surprised it hasn't be restarted yet. You would think a paper that big would have by now. It seems very suspicious." There was nothing they could do about it though, so he was going to find a new paper to subscribe to. "Thank you, I will keep that offer in mind." He had to think of his kids as well, though it was more Juni since she was the youngest and still fully depended on them.

Hearing the last part he stopped and looked at his friend, "A new job? You are thinking about leaving?" With all the stress that he had been dealing with this term he would be lying if he said he hadn't thought about it himself.
Ansley couldn't say that he hadn't had his share of relationship problems, even if he had never been married, so he thought he could relate at least a little. He knew the heartache associated with break-ups, though they did not come with children and the long-standing commitment that Julien's did. He hoped that it could still be worked out. "Well, yes... perhaps she needs some time first." Though it had been some time already. He didn't really have the answers. "But even if she won't go with you at first, you might look into going on your own too. I think that might help."

"It does, though I've never really kept up with it myself. I prefer a grassroots publication myself." But he knew that was where most people did get their information and it was a little strange that it hadn't been rebuilt or nothing new had really come in to fill that void. Maybe everything was going the way of grassroots then. Ansley nodded, knowing the news would come as a bit of a surprise. "Yes, it is something I am very much interested in, but we will see. It's just an interview at this point." Who knew how many others were being considered and who was to say that he would even be offered the position.
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