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...................... Zorro?! Could someone care to explain to the oblivious Defence Professor? Was there something significant that he'd missed?

And most importantly, should he ask?

Probably not.

Before long, spells were flying and the two were engulfed in a polite duel. That was the only way to describe some of the niceness that was going around. Did they know each other? Were they friends? It didn't really matter because they were continuing with the duel, which started to get a bit less-friendly, from the looks of it. Spells were still flying everywhere but there was less chatter and even a look of hurt from Vivian herself.

And just when he thought that the duel was going to reach his most exciting moment, it all came to a stop.

Why? Because Mr Jones was giving up.


Hirsch blinked at the pair, silently wondering how a duel could have turned into the cheesy part of a romantic comedy. This wasn't what he meant when he called for sportsmanship.

Anyway. The duel came to a close and he struck up that magical barrier between the two duellers. Then, stepping out of the shadows, he smiled at the Slytherin and Gryffindor before saying, "I have to say, that was an interesting duel." Interesting was one word for it. "You've both put in a lot of effort and, frankly, I'm very impressed. Well done." Pause. "There can only be one winner and for this round, you, Vivian, have taken the title. Congratulations! And very well done, Mr Jones."

Vivian Fairfield: 61.89%
Fiyero Jones: 59.89%
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