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It was probably unfortunate for Finch that he was only a couple doors down the corridor in his artist workroom. Because if he hadn't and was somewhere like the Great Hall for a meal or even conducting class for an extended amount of time, then he would have locked the door. But as it were, he hadn't, figuring he was close enough to notice if anything were to happen or if anyone needed him. He had assumed incorrectly.

Even though he was just in the workshop, Ansley kept his focus on the artwork on his easel, similar to what he had painted earlier in the year as it was a series. And since his focus was elsewhere, he hadn't noticed anyone in the corridor, or anyone going to or leaving his office. Once he did head back to his office, however, after he spent an hour or so painting, he noticed something off before he even entered. He was sure he at least closed the door wen he left?

As he walked into his office, Ansley stopped in the door way and stood stunned, staring at the wreckage. "What in Merlin's name happened here?" Books fallen from the shelves and drawers hanging open.. the History professor walked in slowly, surveying the mess. It reminded him of Leo's story about the mess in the library at the beginning of term. Was it the same culprit? He didn't know if it was a poltergeist, student, or someone else, but if it was a prank, he wasn't happy. And if it was something else, that was a little disconcerting.

Ansley reached down to pick up one of the books and put it back on the shelves, noticing something on the floor that he hadn't seen before. Mud. Were they footprints? He glanced across the room towards the door. Maybe he should follow them out and see where they'd lead.
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