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Absolutely nothing wrong with being excited, Lynley Purcell, but when YOU of all people start hugging Employees, there was an amusing line to be drawn in the sand. "By all means, don't let me stop you." Lex replied, feigning a look of innocence before turning her attention to her former Ravenclaw of a friend.

"This will only count as a first installment if something absolutely brilliant happens in the worst sort of way." He knew what she meant, didn't he? If this turned out to be a dangerous mission as opposed to a walk through a dark hole in the ground, the Auror would be over the moon and absolutely ecstatic.

Her attention turned only to the Department Head as she began giving instructions. Splitting up, patronuses, lumos. Right. Got it. She was listening.

Lex flicked her own wand's lighting on and began down the tunnel with the others. "Abandoned tunnels make the perfect hiding places." She replied to Vickers' statement, not bothering to disguise the obvious appeal the idea held for her.
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