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Vivian let a relieved sigh. She was sure she wouldn't be able to hurt someone like that, when he was down and didn't have any form of defense against a spell. It was definitely not fair, and she wasn't one who would allow such thing to happen. She wasn't heartless! Not even a tiny bit! And of course, she wasn't especially going to do that to a friend. It was evident, indeed, the effects of having a Gryffindor father. It definitely ran in her veins. And yes, that was exactly what she wanted. She'd rather lose in a fair and square game than to win the other way around.

But she didn't seem to expect that faceplant to the floor. Nope. Vivian winced as she saw Zorro somehow attack the floor face first. "Uh, I'm sorry about that. Are... are you okay?" However, since the duel was still on, she kept her fingers clutched around her wand.

Boy oh boy, did that Lumos light blind her! The Slytherin shut her eyes so tight that even when she looked around, she literally couldn't see anything but blinding white everywhere. She continuously rubbed her eyes with her palms, something her mum would scold her about since it wasn't good for the eyes apparently. But she couldn't help it. She wasn't able to see clearly and how was she to duel without her sight?

It took about two more minutes of blinking and rubbing her eyes before she recovered. Vivian squinted at Zorro to make sure her vision wasn't failing her. Oh Merlin, she better have her eyes checked soon. That Lumos spell was definitely not one to be used on wizard eyes. NOPE. Nada!

Realising it was her turn to cast, Vivian waved her wand and sent an ears to kumquats spell towards the other first year. Just for the LULZ. Oranges for ears, though! It would have been funny. Also, she was positive Zorro wouldn't feel (or hear) a thing. At least no one was going to really get hurt, yeah?
Text Cut: Points Tracker
  • Spells Cast:
    • Name of Spell: Ears to Kumquats Transforms target's ears into kumquats
      • Caster Points:
        • H: -3 Pts
        • M: 0 Pts
        • F: 0 Pts
      • Opponent Points
        • H: -5 Pts
        • M: Pts
        • F: 0 Pts
      • Additional Effects: Victim cannot hear spells cast at them until the spell is cancelled
  • Affected by Spells:
    • Name of Spell: Lumos Creates a beam of light from the wand tip
    • Additional Effects: Can be used to temporarily blind opponent
  • Physical Actions:
    • None
  • Dueler Name: Vivian Iona Fairfield
    • H: 90 - 5 = 85
    • M: 54 - 3 = 51
    • F: 7 - 0 = 7
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