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Was his boss hugging him? It seemed like she was hugging him. And having worked with Lynley for this long and having known her for this much, its kinda scary. But he smiled anyway, the goofy aww-shucks half-grin. His eyes may have said please donít eat me though but hey at least he was looking down.

And when that was done there was a more forceful tackle that followed. Ah yes this he sorta expected, but nonetheless Gryffindor exuberance was always something that was more than expected. Ah yes Lex' adventure.... "Well uhhh.......this can be the first installment?" he grinned sheepishly. Because he has to look over his confusing-history diary for what exactly he promised his Gryffindor friend. Sighs memory issues....

Can he conjure a patronus? Well he knew the principles behind it, but alas the one crucial ingredient was missing for him to successfully pull it off. Genuine happy memories is a little hard to come by for him. Well memories in general anyway....

But right it was time to get going. He quietly cast a Lumos and used it to charge a crystal ball, then letting it float above their heads, adding more illumination along the tunnels. Shriveled plants and stagnant air indeed, and got even more intense the further they went on. At one point the Ravenerd started coughing, what with the pollutants in the musty air."This place looks to have been abandoned for a long time, judging by the dirt and particles thatís settled, may have been undisturbed for years." Until they came along.
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