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Fiyero could tell by Vivian's pained smile that she still hadn't forgiven him for that Tarantallegra spell he'd used earlier.He kept his gaze fixed on the floor so she wouldn't see the emotion in his eyes. Nice going, Fiy, you idiot! he inwardly berated himself. Every time you finally manage to make a friend, you end up doing something stupid to ruin it... This was just like muggle school all over again!

Oh, Merlin, how was he going to fix this? He didn't want to do this anymore. He wished he had a time turner so he could go back and stop himself from ever casting that spell. Come to think of it, he doubted he would've signed up for the dueling club at all if he'd known this would happen!

He was so distracted that he didn't even notice Vivian's spell until he felt the ropes winding around his legs. He wobbled slightly, grabbing onto the wall to stop himself from toppling over but otherwise showed no reaction to the spell. He didn't even try to unbind his legs.

Fiyero sighed. He still had six years at Hogwarts to be top-ranked in the dueling club, but six years was an awfully long time to go without his friend. He knew what he had to do. "Vivian, I'm sorry I used that spell," he said, forcing himself to look at her. Normally, he would hate looking vulnerable like this in front of whoever happened to be watching the duel, but right now he didn't care about winning or acting like a Gryffindor. "I just wanted to win, but winning a duel isn't worth losing a friend, so..."

If she wanted him to let her win, he would, or if she wanted the chance to beat him fair and square, that was fine too. Either way, it was her choice. "Here," he said, throwing his wand across the room where it hit with a loud clatter. Now he had no way to run and no way to block whatever spell she sent. "Hit me with the strongest spell you know, and finish this!"

Text Cut: Points

Spells Cast: N/a

Directed at: N/a

Affected by Spells: Incarcerous - ties target up with ropes

Caster Points:
H: 0
M: -5
F: 0

Opponent Points:
H: -7
M: 0
F: -3
Additional Effects: target must unbind themselves before can cast/move again

Ending Points:
Dueler's Name: Fiyero Jones
H: 80-7=73
M: 58-0=58
F: 7-3=4
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